Bria Myles & Candy Richards are the 1 and 2 guards for team chocolate. Check out Candy’s Rhymes n Dime spread shot by Clark Photo’s.

Bonus 1


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  • *crowd reaction*…..”booooooooooo” LOL. Both ladies are smashworthy but personally I think they look better without makeup. I hate makeup in general,especially on dark skin ladies(no hate). PhotoShop pics look ok. Need backshots of both ladies side by side!!!

    • (((((Slaps))))) @hahz for putting #team-coco puffs in the title of a post

      • presto 2.0

        Lmao!…”you kno @Hahz/Captain gonna do this every so often…he kno them boys gettin thin over there…and that nicca on his coach K…

        and i usually lay low on the choco posts but damn…”Front Page?…@Hahz turnin into CNN…lol…(chocoz will get that later)…so

        “Bria lookin average as hell…rockin that LBJ hairline…LMAO!…thats what happens when them braids playin tug of war wit yo forehead…let it breathe ma”…lol…it is what it is

        **Prest talkin to Candy**…”2nd pic…right nostril…handle dat”….LMFAO!…**Wipes screen**…”yeah handle dat”


        • R.E.D.BP Elite

          @Hanz had to give Team Choco something positive before Summer ends….

          “Can I grease your scalp Bria?”@Moor Voice

  • Fresh718

    I like Bria Myles with the poetic justice braids lol,I wish she had another pic though.

  • Team Chocolate is fine

  • okay..give me the other girl on the far left in the first pic. she looks interesting..

  • DCAssLuva

    junk photos TOO MUCH PHOTOSHOP um!! why do they need photoshop serious question ?? just like i told models on twitter modeling in lingerie and bikinis is cool BUT SOMETIMES CAN THEY JUST MODEL IN REGULAR JEANS IN THE MAGAZINES JEANS AND DRESSES AND STUFF

    some of the models said thats a good idea

  • DCAssLuva

    im just gonna go on a lim and guess the white girl is bria’s friend just a guest

  • MoorFedayeen

    I take Brias one pic over all of Junks pics including the bonus. That broad is fugly

    • Mister Mister

      I agree….I’d still smash though

  • presto 2.0

    shorty on the right won this…”and she was jus passin by?”… *shrugs*…pityful!

    @Hahz goes hard for you…and you jus tuck ya tail and run?…Dishonorable Discharge Private…”pack ya shyt and have until 0800″…lol

  • wobeli

    I’m going with Bria on this one.

  • Pas & Pass

    TC wack!

  • realtalkldn

    not impressed by these shots

  • Nobigurls

    That’s TC! lol FAIL!!

  • Ricky Fontane


  • TYB02020


  • downbydariver

    Bria Lyles is trash wit dem bullshit azz braids…smmfh..

    • R.E.D.BP Elite

      Naw Bria ain’t trash….

  • Not feeling this post. But…. Why complain when I got Red’s Mama giving me dat Jean Grey? Enough said, Bub.