@BrazilianArab had a in house camera phone photo shoot before leaving out to the night club. The photo shoot was a success. You can find her partying in New York city, it shouldn’t be that hard to spot her.





  • REX

    shes tight i’d pop that off

  • i like her.

    ANS Power Rankings

    1.Rosa Acosta
    2.Maliah Michel
    3.Dayami Padron
    5.Bria Myles

    • Playboy69


  • dimpledave

    We need to put her in the mix of top ans women

  • Playboy69

    WACK!… http://youtu.be/KlNxLo8CnHY…. Now this Chick need her own post.

    • REX

      Boooo,man all those tatoos she got lookin like a Damn COLORING BOOK???c’mon son lol…

      • Playboy69

        @Rex… But this Brazillan chick is probably a MAN!….LMAO! U like TRANNY…SMH!

  • Realtalkin


  • arabianlawrance


  • old friend

    first of all let my tell u something about chu brazilian arab chick 1:she either crazy or has serious mental problems cuz her mom nore her father brazilian there both palestinian .
    2: she used to work in a cell phone store n used to be a bagger at a grocery store down in bklyn
    3: she looked like a lik prick mexi bytch fat roll concrete booty no hips no chest basically she looked like aman.
    3:she aint nuttn but a god digger she aint no wat liv is long as she find sbody who crawls or walks n has money to buy her shoes n bags.
    4: she got her lips filled ass pumped boobs filled cheeks filled tummy tucked n botox .for god sakes bytch is only 21 n i aint kno what to call ha a joka or a mouse.
    4: obviously she be takin her pix side ways cuz if she turned around yall would notice her celliulite from back ha legs n the incesions from the bottom of ha chest fake ass tummy n boobs went to a club week ago saw ha up and down dat pole with ha dream team hungry ass fuckn hoes i been n went to chool with this bytch n neva saw what i seen now fake ass nose job hoe!

  • basiklyreal

    what u carrying in that ass wxtra fake meat?

  • preetypink

    you would look so much prettier without sticking that fake ass out

  • bad boy

    damn cute

  • pimpjuice

    you loom like a clown with all that make up wears all the naturals these days

  • pimpjuice

    you good aint bad but she pretty

  • lebaneseprincessa

    nice dress totally fake ass though.

  • bigdog

    since when does arabian ppl n brazilian ppl mix?

  • nastyduece

    she cute

  • wine&dine

    were you get youre ass done mama??? and how much you pay?

  • anonymous

    ypure arabic and wear that?? do you fast in ramadan wearing that?

  • bigboi25

    damn ma all those pics alwas side ways yo ass must not be big from the back haha pump!