Brandon Jennings Wants Kobe Bryant Banned From Drew League

· August 30, 2011

Just because he’s been living in SoCal for the better part of 15 years and working in Downtown L.A. for a good portion of that time doesn’t make Kobe Bryant L.A.

according to Brandon Jennings. Compton’s finest took offense to Bryant being allowed to participate in the Drew League. Seems Jennings wants to keep the league closed to natives only.

“He wasn’t born and raised in LA. You gotta be from LA to play for Drew. Show me a birth certificate.”

Now I do feel where Jennings is coming from on this. In basketball where you’re from is as much a source of pride as how well you play. Los Angeles City is one of the world’s foremost hoops hotbeds. Thus having a highly competi*ive league for SoCal natives only is real testament to how much talent comes out of this area of the country.

Jennings first took offense when Bryant pulled off more of his Mamba magic by closing down the Drew League in style. This time he’s looking to keep Kobe out of a possible rematch between the Drew and Goodman leagues.

Kobe isn’t from L.A but he earned the right to do what he wants in L.A at this point.

  • jfizzle

    Mess around and Kobe get him banned from the NBA, LOL

    • VTheGr8

      bahahahahahaha you ain’t lyin!

  • ginoBrown

    This dude is basically just hating cause Kobe is way more recognized, respected, and beloved in L.A. than he is or will ever be…so until Jennings gets 5 championship rings,13 all star selection,8 all-nba fist team selections,9 all-defensive first team selections,a MVP award,and 2 Finals MVP awards he should keep his mouth shut cause he sounds very jealous and petty.

  • Red

    Nigga You play in Milwaukee Nobody watches you Milwaukee don’t even pay attention to the Bucks

  • http://deleted seattleslim

    im with jennings on this. if they do another drew league vs goodman league or they come to seattle and play like they were supposed to than kobe shouldn’t be allowed to play for LA he’s not from cali, i dont know where he’s from lol philly dont even claim him. it’s supposed to be players repping where they from. on a side note seattle vs DC/B-MORE coming soon, jamal crawford set it up.

    • ginoBrown

      @seattleslim Kobe can do whatever he wants 2 cause when it comes to basketball in L.A. Kobe, Magic, and Kareem are the kings…and if the the Drew League welcomed him with open arms then him not being from Cali is obviously a non issue for them so why do you and Jennings have yall panties in a bunch over something so petty? And Philly does claim him…only his haters in Philly don’t claim him.

      • Seattleslim

        Cuz it’s about repping your city/state and bragging rights and showing how your town balls. If the best ballers from Seattle played the best ballers from Miami and D-wade and Lebron decided to play for Miami just cuz they play there that would be silly. That’s how that whole goodman vs drew game started to put on 4 the fans and see who’s the best. But I agree if anyone deserves a pass it would be Kobe.

  • jpaid

    He is so corny for this one ! Tell him to stick to his lane. Kobe is LA sorry you couldn’t get that title

  • southwest

    I feel where Jennings is coming from with the native thing, but we’re talking about Kobe, bruh. One of the Greatest Ever. Play your Position, Jennings. And Kobe actually has a classic Philly game despite the city hating him.

  • http://dizzleinc. Rondizzle

    He need to take his ass back over seas, nobody checking for mr jennings. How about you take a poll of the people who will be in attendance and see if they want the mamba in the building.. Kobe runs L.A i dont care where he from he L.A now….

  • John Smalls

    Sound like he hating to me! Dats like saying Brandon Jennings shouldn’t have been allowed to play in the game last night between the Goodman League and Melo BMore squad!! It’s basketball champ!!

  • Meyer Plansky

    WOW people still hate on KOBE?!? The man is the best since MJ hands down… shout out to KDurant too… dude is the future… shout out to LeHype James too

    • ???

      a yo lehype is the most dynamic player the nba has ever since and its been that why since he was 18. look up the word dynamic

  • Pose

    This looks like a modern version of the east coast/west cost Bullsh*it…

  • J-ROME75

    real competitors want to play real competition.