Brandon Jennings tells Teyana Taylor to “Let It Go” after stealing her virginity

· May 9, 2014


Teyana Taylor gave her side of the story to The Breakfast Club earlier this week about the triangle between her ex-fiancé, Detroit Pistons Brandon Jennings, and her ex bff, model/actress Tae Heckard .

Brandon responds to Teyana’s interview and kind of calls Tey a liar…








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  1. LouieVtheKING says:

    He found Tae Gold Diggers R’ Us, in the backstab my buddy aisle. Lmaooo

  2. Greg4422 says:

    Tae Heckard born April 14th 1979…so she’s 35 not 36…oh thats so much better

  3. This is a certified “who cares” situation! !

    If that nigga just shuts up and stay off of twitter with his business, this s#%$# will blow over

  4. downbydariver says:

    I see why Joe Dumars got fired….niccas focus on foolery….

  5. BnBHP says:

    Sucka for love a** dude.

    NEVER get in the middle of two women arguing over a man. she’s 35 and he’s 24?? He doesn’t stand a chance. Keep your checkbook tight homie!!

  6. Miller says:

    I’m like him let get go gets some pride about yourself the best way to get at them is to show them you don’t care. And when was 36 considered being old?

    • Hehe says:

      the cougar thing

    • Greg4422 says:

      36 is old when you’re 24…….10 years ago he was 14 and she was 26…thats just disgusting

      • Miller says:

        I’m just talking bout in general smart ass I’m 28 and I don’t even want 24yr old but its funny how its cool for a 36yr old male to date a 24yr old woman but when a women does it its disgusting

      • Miller says:

        Plus your talking about how old the two of them
        Were a decade ago get serious

        • 1luv says:

          I know what you mean Miller. It looks like when it comes to a older gender dating the opposite that is younger, their is some hypocrisy. The way I see it, if you are 15 years older then your mate, it looks just weird.

  7. 828jeffe says:

    She is badder then most women in there 20’s… I just hope he knows what he is getting into. She aint a spring chicken

  8. Mo says:

    These people are childish. I can’t take you seriously as an adult if you’re throwing shade or entertaining insults on social media and that goes for everyone involved.

  9. smh says:

    I bet he’s loving all this attention his receiving, just seems the type

  10. shaunyc56 says:

    If I break up with a chick I’m trying to smash the closest person to u just to do it…

  11. juwellz says:

    Smh this bum about to be known more for this stuff than his actual basketball skills. Smh detroit need to trade this clown.

  12. Jfizzle says:

    Maybe she is really like her character in ATL

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