After the Welterweight champion Adrien Broner finished performing on the “America’s Most Wantedtour with Lil Wayne & T.I. he headed to Cream Lounge to turn up, turn up, turn up. Broner walked in the spot with around 20 people, took some pictures and then did what he does best.. entertained a crowd.

Broner told DJ Drama earlier on Shade 45 that he opens up the America’s Most Wantedtour that he loves to perform in front of any sized crowed and I got to witness that first hand. Broner grabbed the mic and immediately let the ladies know “He is looking for the baddest b@#$% and he is willing to pay what ever”.  The ladies in the crowd started roaring and that’s when the crowd shifted to the VIP section and in front of Broner with their camera phones out.

Broner let the crowd know that the club didn’t have 50k in ones and that he was still going to throw money. The Cincinatti kid let Atlanta know that it was his first time in a night club and it showed cause he was hype all night long. He reached in his pocket and pulled out $6,500 in crispy big face hundreds and told the crowd he wanted to see ti****. Broner then pointed out to women in the crowd below him that he was giving out $200 for them to show him their ti****. He later gave a woman a $1000 for being the only person in the club throwing money with him (which you can see in the video), and ripped up $100 dollar bills. After running threw nearly all his cash in his pocket he told the ladies to show him a picture of their children in their wallet for $100. A lot of ladies left out of Cream lounge with more then they came in with.

Mayweather JR. said that Broner is the future of boxing and that he reminds him of him when he was younger in the ring, but after he sees this video him might say that Broner reminds him of him self in the club.

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  • Man somebody needs to mentor oh boy quick. He’s 22 and already has at least 4 kids and one on the way. I read somewhere that he had six. Either way, he acts like a country bumpkin who’s destined for child support issues in the future. He gon wish he can get that money back in the future. I was starting to like or boy but he’s trying to hard to be a celebrity and the dancing in the ring is strait ridiculous.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      @somewhat agree, I Just feel that the n.cca is a LAME, not all people will be martin luther king, but at the same time this lame azz nicca from them ugly azz canal street looking gold fronts to his mayweather wanna be style ( i think mayweather lame also) this nicca look like a str8 fool

      • white people consider blacks lame cause they can’t relate or understand why we do what we do.. For some to call others lame it’s due to them not understanding the environment they come from. East coast cats called down south cats lame until they all moved down south now they sound like south rappers in the booth.

        • jdangla

          On point HAHZ on Point

        • +100 hahz

        • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

          Funny I thought northerners thought southerners were lame cause….they are! Only wack ny artists started rapping like they from the south and that’s because they can’t sell any other way! Believe me I’m not bashing the south cause I live atl but I’ve experienced both hemispheres first hand and believe me that assumption isn’t just an assumption! I could vibe with any of them dudes but they all wanted to clique with me! Too many nuggas tooting they nose down sizzle! I literally had a fight with the only dude I chilled with cause he got mad I’ve never done coke! Da fcuk type of isht is that? I been from buckhead to Bankhead, to Alpharetta to college park, camp creek Washington road, Decatur, dekalb, Cobb county and couldn’t find one homie to roll with! However, I found all types of thick, light eyed redbones to make a brother feel right at home!

          • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

            *Couldn’t vibe*

          • 4xtra

            trust me I have been told many MANY Northerners the same story you just told.
            I am in ATL from the NORTH myself and seen this first hand as well.

  • hopefully he never loses a fight…

  • Southwestern

    Super Sambo.

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Advance money. He won’t make to grace to fall from it. I said it 1st.

  • Big ALbert

    Call me crazy but does dude not have on some of the ugliest clothes ever.

  • jdangla

    I will say this though I don’t mind dude doing his thing ya know.. He’s young but he does need someone to get in his ear about his career doing such things like he’s doing now is showing that he’s not as focused as he need to be at this point in his career. Floyd didn’t do this until he was deep into his career as a champion.

  • Taper

    I mean in not sayin yall sum haters but …..nah i am hahaha u niggas hatin tht nigga got boxin money he one on the hottest up n comin boxers to thats play money fellas plz stop tht shit prolly was a rack so really that nuthin to em honestly stop hatin let that nigga live he young n gettin u salty ass niggas hahahahah

  • 828jeffe

    He is probably throwing money he got paid for the event. I don’t condone throwing money but he is like 23. He is just trying to build up his name to command more money for rights. 3x champ so he is doing something right. Its just a phase….

  • To each his own but he need to take care of them lil one’s first

  • C money

    The next sad story. Wake up young brotha’s, this is what they want us to do! He need to talk to Holyfeild.

  • It went down in the A! Chase 4U

  • Live ya life scrap. All I ask is tighten up them boxing skillz. I see major holes in your game.

  • Mister Mister

    Straight ignorance….why do we feel the need to SHOW everybody we have money when we get it?

    White folks have way more money, invest it better & the way they floss is more of how it should be done.

    • cause a lot of us a 1st generation bread winners and don’t come from generations of huge money makers like a lot of white people.

      • Mister Mister

        Exactly, so instead of having to show everybody we have it, why not invest it? What benefits are there from throwing $50K in a club? Do you know I’d with $50K? I’d buy more stocks, bonds or even invest in another business.

        I agree though, we need to start teaching the next generations about proper money management

  • Monique

    Where are the pics that were taken of the regular people in the club? All I see are pics of Adrain Broner.


    He trying to build his brand,plus he is young I understand that I still do dumb shit at 35, but meantime its another younging who is up and coming he waiting to tk his title who probably a g also.

  • dope