Bow Wow Puts Kandi Burruss On Blast For Skipping So So Def Reunion

· January 27, 2013

On February 23 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Records is being honored in Atlanta for it’s 20-Year Anniversary and their huge So So Def All-Star Anniversary Concert.

Apparently everyone will be in the building except one of the of the former members of the family, Kandi Burruss, who claimed to be too busy to attend.

Once Kandi exited the group Xscape she added songwriter, reality tv-star and se* toys to her resume of accomplishments.  She is also launching her Ladies Night tour the same night as the So So Def concert.

But Bow Wow, who now hosts BET’s “106 & Park” felt that she should have penciled the So So Def Anniversary in….since it did put her on the map. He posted to Facebook,

“JD likes to keep quiet but… Yo Kandi is wack for not wanting to show up for jd for “20th anniversary so so def show” put ego to the side and give the fans what they want and understand w/ out jd know one would even know who you are. You aint Michael, this aint the Jackson 5. She act’n like she booked out like she too busy! Better yet dont come. The ones thats there are the ones who really got live for JD and the history if the label.”

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Discussion21 Comments

  1. desolation says:

    it aint none of his business anyway whether she showed her face or not, for whatever reason . ppl way too concerned about the next person in line. it wasnt even bow wow party. In this case, if JD dont care, nether should he.

  2. MoorFedayeen says:

    Meh some truth but hey.

  3. Ice says:

    Bow Wow ain’t say nan nothing bout Tiny tho.

  4. Wise1 says:

    Bow Wow might wanna be quiet…..Seen Kandi on ATL news for Black Female CEOs and the broad is worth like 50-60 million.

  5. timdog says:

    he right tho xscape was in the early days of so so def she could represent.

  6. Playboy69 says:

    He’s right! It’s good that he put her in check!

  7. HoLLiwood Heyti says:

    But he’s right though, people don’t give love to the ones that help you become successful……

  8. Mo says:

    Kandi’s ass > sosodef reunion

  9. BzB says:

    lil bow wow doing jd dirty work now? if there’s a problem let him speak on it. bow wow need a chair and a corner. kandi need some more swimsuit shots for the ans crew. lol

  10. KB3040 says:

    That was rough to read…

  11. ginoBrown says:

    Grown a** men acting like females must be a new trend in the rap game…Someone tell this midget 2 have a seat

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