Alley Boy confirms that Jeezy hasn’t supported the incarcerated Meech who is serving a 30-year bid for drug trafficking charges. Bleu DaVinci also recently spoke out last week claiming the same thing.

“I’ve done spoken to Meech personally on the phone and I asked him,” he told Hip-Hop Wired. “Bleu Davinci walked up on me at Club Crucial. Bleu walked up on me like, ‘The big homey [Meech] said call him’ and gave me a number to call him. He said, ‘Call him tomorrow,’ so I called the number and Meech gave me a lot of advice on what I need to be doing and said ‘leave that street sh*t alone, do your music.”

While on the call, Meech told Alley Boy that Jeezy was only keeping it “50/50” with him and that he’s on some “fake ass sh*t.”

“This is the first time ever talking to him a day in my life, I asked him, ‘Bro I ain’t trying to start anything but is dude [Young Jeezy] keeping it 100 with you?,’ and Meech said ‘No, it’s more like 50/50.’ Then he turned around and said, ‘I wouldn’t even say it’s all that.’ And to me that’s some fake ass sh** because at the end of the day these are the folk that made you in Atlanta so out of all people you should be breaking your neck for this man. So that’s a flaw in character.”

  • Dice

    Didn’t Pimp C says this years ago?

  • Downbydariver

    @ Dice u rite Pimp did say this yrs ago….shout out 2 Pimp C. the best 2 ever do it…UGK 4 life…

  • ronb1978

    Life must go on for jeezy yeah he definitley should reach out but he’s a busy man and people doin bids need to understand the world keeps on turning with or without you so except the path you’ve chosen and ride it out. Dont wait til a n*gga get back hot to start hatin on em just my opinion. R.I.P. to Pimp C but that was a different issue they had.

  • god

    grown men want to seat on his lap,

  • ginoBrown

    I swear these duct tape dudes are like the new Superhead in the rap game, telling any and everybody’s business just 2 try and make a name for themselves…funny how a “alleged” one on one conversation with Meech quickly turn into a d*mn interview, what part of the game is that? And if he claims that he didn’t wanna start anything why the hell did he even mention it?

    • Tony Money

      you gotta understand that street niggas gonna respect you until you do some fake shit and then you done FOREVER to a real nigga aint no coming back. i knew jeezy was a 50/50 nigga when he stop fucking with BMF got indicted, then he did that fuck shit and tried to charge Pimp C to get on the track when Bun B showed him love and got on his track when this nigga first came out for free.

      • ginoBrown

        @Toney I hear what you saying fam but going public with that private conversation he supposedly had with Meech was still a h*e move on Alley Boy’s part in my opinion.

  • Playboy69

    His name is ALLEY BOY!…He must be a HOE ASS NIGGA IN STREET OF ATL!…LMAO!

  • PC

    Honestly, when did going to prison become some real n.@##% sh#%? If u know how Fed charges work, these cats would know that because Jeezy was implicated in BMF, he can be charged at anytime if they can connect him to Meech! Fed charges have no expiration date, so riddle me this!
    If you were in Jeezy shoes about to blow in ’05 and watch your dream come true, would you sacrifice your millions and dream to be what cats claim is a “real ni@@%?
    You see what happened to murder inc for trying to “keep it real”!
    The moment Jeezy put money up for Meech, they can grab him cause his business was built with proceeds from crimes committed. Also, if you knew your history, Jeezy has owned CTE for almost 10+ years, thats why he didnt sign with BMF.

    • bro you trippin its cause jeezy claims all this sh*t he aint about that bmf was, Jeezy was put on by bmf and wouldn’t be who he is today or have the money he has today if meech didn’t put him on. Jeezy claims he was sellin kilos for 17 5 a piece when that was what meech was actually doing hes built his fake career off of what bmf did and he wont do anything to help them out jeezy knows the feds aren’t going to throw down anymore indictments and his money is legit now it but he still wont even put money up for an appeal for meech check your history bro Jeezy is fake and you’re a fool for thinking otherwise

  • The dude Blu is just trying ti build his name,by tearing Jeezy name down.

  • BzB

    what he saying might be true, but dude is going hard on the gossip tip trying to get attention. just put out good music and leave the gossiping to the h*s.

  • PC

    I guess Black folks will forever have the crab syndrome. I cant get my own, so im gonna bring the next brotha down, cause he gettin his. Jeezy just featured this cat on 2 songs and TI! People wonder why 2 Chains is doing well, he is humble and is grateful for his opportunity, regardless of who features him! Garbage or not

  • marcusscgloc

    Exactly who the fucc is alley boy when he just had jeezy and yo gotti on one of his traccs and all street niggas matter of fact all real street niggas know that a real nigga that’s locced up got nothing but time on they hands so why rush a nigga to get at yu when they tryna get they self straight first then yu come into play bcuz how can a nigga help yu when at the moment they can’t help themselves and that’s real crip shit and real recognize real and if meech let him I’m his gang then meech aint real himself rite but hey I’m just saying and then his own niggas taking plea deals and that really aint real nigga shit on crip

  • bdollas

    I respect jezzy and yogotti, a lot of u niggas never did no time or don’t understand the differance between state and feds,conspiring,get 5-10 them niggas no what they doing big merchants protecting
    Jeezy as well as blue, u commentators, lace your tennis shoes u got slipping on’s. Maze mobb

  • Numba1Stunna

    Yeah because JEEZY is a FAKE ASS BITCH!!! You can see it in his face..!!!!

  • Numba1Stunna


    #FakeAssMF #HeRAPMafia #NotBlack #LittleBitchAssMonkey #JeezyIsCheesy