Over the past Labor day weekend Blu Gem, TattedUpHolly, Deelishis, Stephanie Santiago, Chocolate Dolly, Maliah Michel, Ciera Rogers, Chocolate Dolly, Keyshia Kaoir headed out to the club. Who looked the best?


Blu Gem


Deelishis (Day/Night)

Stephanie Santiago


Chocolate Dolly

Brazilian Arab

Ciera Rogers

Keyshia Kaoir

  • jamarxyz

    Blu Gem is hot,even wit the gimmick….Deelishes is hot but she looses points for biting Blu,s hair color.

    • +10000000000@jamar, I’ve said that for the past 2weeks. Keisha kaoir and deelishis stole gem martinez swag!!!

  • MGC dominated this post!!!

    All ladies would get bent right over tho.

    Wtf is keisha kaoir wearing?? She’s a little tooooo over the top flashy with her appearance smh. Stop it

    I’m leaving white stains on gem martinez and her green dress. Hope she don’t Monica lewinsky me tho LOL!!

    • Trap101 (MGC Empire)

      I’ll tell you what Keisha and Deelishis are lookin like right now with their blue weave……oompa loompas


      but would that stop me from bending them over and treating them like I do #TC’s mommas on Foursome Fridays?…..of course not, there’s enough man juice to go around.

  • queso (the corp)

    Maliah and Gem!!

  • President Ward

    I got Blu Gem & Ciera Rogers.

    Maliah booty saggin. Her sh*t worn out.

  • seanjohn100

    Deelishis, arab and stephanie, maybe through in some blue gem

  • Looking at this post..no one outshines each other lol. Everything fits perfectly. Tres bien by me and Hboogie..

  • All of em

  • lazarus

    Brazilian Arab. period.

  • Quai-Quai_ 21

    I picked Deelishis. Damn, that azz is phat!!

  • Big ALbert

    Maliah, Brazilian Arab & Ciera Rodgers.

    Keyshia dressed like a goddamn Tron.

  • Carlito R.

    Sorry I think all of you are sleeping on Tatted Up Holly. She’s #1!

    • Playboy69


  • RED(MGC World)

    MGC…..The real coalition

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Blu gem is rising thru da ranks

    Deelishis ain’t never playin azz is rotund

    Maliah butt look weird to me *shrugs*

  • Playboy69

    Tattedupholly gets the Standing Ovation, Chocolate Dolly & Deelishis are the runner ups….Tattedupholly got that Latina Heat Fire…LOL!

  • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

    Tatted up holly & Maliah aka “hang time”!