Gem Martinez returns with a new photo shoot with mayhem couture and she is looking extra thick.


Propz Playboy69

  • Quai-Quai_ 22


  • Big P

    Thats that all night action right there

  • Queso (The corp)

    Yeah she straight.

  • RED(MGC)

    Thick and her feet pretty….she good in my book

    • +1…..and her face decent too. I’d holla….blue hair and all

    • WildWild

      Ahahahhahahahaaa….. ALL DAY my dude… I peeped that tooh

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Runnin right up in that

  • South Side (VA)

    Mom is so pretty nd her body

  • seanjohn100

    dont know what to rate her because of that stupid fucking hair but shes super thick

  • lazarus

    Holy Sh!t batman. Her thigh game is SO olympic. Smh

    Midgard approval is a given. D@MN

  • edo

    SHE GOT THICK! since her last shoot

  • downbydariver

    She phat too death…god is so good…

  • Beauty321

    Her body yes! Her face=NO!