Bleu Davinci – I Got Right (Young Jeezy Diss)

· October 12, 2012

Bleu Davinci - I Got Right (Young Jeezy Diss)

Looks like it’s officially on between Bleu Davinci and Young Jeezy. Jeezy claims that he is about getting money and won’t be beefing with any one. Last time these two were in the building with each other (HERE) nothing jumped off but there was some obvious tension in the air that night. We will see how this beef plays out cause it could get ugly.

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  1. Goonie says:

    This sh1t hard.

  2. Jay says:

    Bleu Davinci will expose jeezy if meech gets involved. I always wondered why Jeezy never got arrested when everyone else from BMF did.

  3. PapiChulo says:

    Because its all for show my people from ATL told me about awhile back about who jeezy really was and who was real and who was from ATL, he aint originall from ATL either.

    Jeezy is no different than Ross using someone else notoriaty to achieve fame.

    Let jeezy false raps tell it, then he is the biggest kingpin of all time with no real arrest. I promise in songs this n.gga done rap about more coke than noreaga , scarface, and more white than columbia has ever seen just another rapper

    • big bread says:

      Nah, Jeezy really had the work tho… ask anybody from Bloomfield and Unionville in the MAC… he certified for real… Bleu mad on some other ish, but this aint the way to go about it tho

      • PapiChulo says:

        He aint had more than them BM n.ggaz though, and like buddy said above, i dont know too many n,ggaz that was moving heavy weight and not get caught, not only did jeezy did not get caught ever with major weight but the n.ggaz brag about it 24/7 when he know damnnn well he was never that big nor is he now fooling with that shiiiit, that n.ggaz is scrubbing elbows and breaking bread with suits and ties. G-shiiit

        • big bread says:

          of course he didn’t have that much work, he was meech lil homie, but he was getting it in in macon in late 90’s early 2000s.. the crips on the westside been f*cking w./ jeezy when he was lil j.. only reason he claim ATL b/c everybody know you can’t blow repping nothing but ATL in GA.

        • acv66 says:

          bmf nigga snitch on jeezy they said in open court the gave 10 bricks a week to jeezy. jeezy has def jam lawyers there was not enough evidence to bring jeezy down. if you rememeber all of 2005-2007 everyone heard rumors fbi was going to move on a big name atl rapper, but unlike boosie the DA didn’t have any evidence but the testimony of a criminal . side note blue tried to offer info but the fbi rejected it

          • Tony Money says:

            man shut the hell up, meech was convicted purely on testifiers NO EVIDENCE if jeezy really did anything big his azz would be in prison right now on at least conspiracy. And if Blu ever tried to snitch if would be paperwork on him and it aint none. Stop trying to act like you know what the hell going on.

          • acv66 says:

            i love people who talk out they ass, you think meech the only bmf nigga to go down? you know meech bro is L.A was the one with the original snitch in his crew that led to the tke down. go look up the court records,shit google you dumb ass,bmf nigga snitched on young jeezy the named him in open court. you must be a ross stan livin in a dream world

  4. acv66 says:

    Bleu Davinci hated jeezy from day 1, since jeezy blew up with less money , and bmf just flopped in the rap game. the only tracks Bleu Davinci has that anyone knows are jeezy disses

    • Tony Money says:

      you dont know shyt blu and BMF aint care about no money, they had more money than industry niccas. they were trying to clean money up get ya facts straight.

  5. icebergslm says:

    All these rap niggas fraud. The only real rapper/ trapper
    Is yo Gotti. Check his resume. Nigga report card got all A’s
    Believe that

  6. mike says:

    this shit is garbage!! stick to saling drugs bleu you was never good at rapping my nigga this nigga was on breakfast club talking about he wanted jeezy to pay for meech lawyers and shit and put money in his pockets fuck outta here nigga you mad cause jeezy dont fuck with you!!

  7. mike says:

    oh and jeezy isn’t fake go to south carolina and huntsville alabama and ask about jeezy that nigga is far from fake and if he snitch he would of been on papers cut the bulshit these niggas are bitter you mean to tell me you didnt stack no cash before you got caught you fuck up all you’re money that aint jeezy fault niggas need to get over it and keep it moving to many kanes not enough abels

  8. Damn homie says:

    He really trying extort jeezy if u listen to him.

  9. moe24p says:

    But Blu why were you willing to cooperate with the feds but they already knew everything you told them? I dont understand why no one is asking you that when the woman that wrote the book The Rise and Fall of BMF, she was right in court that morning! They said nobodies plea bargain surprised them but yours

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