She might be one of the thickest Blasian’s I see in a minute.*Looks for 9 score card* Thoughts?

  • I looooove redbones so u don’t have to convince me hahz I’M ALL N MY DUDE LOL…REAL TALK

    • bighomie53

      @REXBROTHASOUL,, Exactly she bad to the bone!!!!! I’m also pretty sure that most of us here would give her a 10 if she hung-out wit you & her attitude & personality matched what we see here!!!!!!!!!! #WP

  • underrated

    8.5… Nice, but not a nine…. or only on her best days!

    • 850

      8.5 lol u betta look again kinfolk. She’a a 10 in my books. And I know she’s better in person.

  • slydog

    oh my goodness!!!!finally a winner at the end of the day. 10 10 WIN WIN

    • bighomie53

      @SLYDOG,, I AGREE 100% i’d cuff her for a minute just to see what she about & if she got her mind right she might be a keeper!!!!!!!!!! #WP

      • 850

        Yeah she’s very nice I can’t lie about this.

  • crabapples

    pretty smile, thick, curvy, solid 9. Falls just short of DYME status cuz her face is not quite there and the hair is a mess. but yo its been a tough week wit Maliah on my mind, a Facetime that was off the charts and a nice booty-clap poll. Catch me on a slow week wit some new photos and i may very well give her DYME status.

    • @crabapples,u need to just roll with the corporation sir lol,u know you want to. Too short & E 40 down wit us already lmao!

  • damn!!! Very nice,very nice! Nice face, nice azz,nice big tits wit flat stomach! Welcome to the beautyp corp lady lol. I’ll let my fellow boardmembers make it official lol. Damn I’d bang her out sumthin serious too! Hold on….*portia whispers in ear*…..”i like her b,she fits the standard of the corporation”….ok well the queen herself has made it official now lol. The beautyp corp 2012! “join us or get beat by us”

    • mr. leftfoot

      @b straight lmfao…agreed she official I’d hulk SMASH her

      • 850

        Yeah hats off to y’all on this one B-strait,presto,leftfoot,rexbrothasoul,bighomie53. Y’all got something here I can’t even be a bad critic on this woman. She is a full fledge & well put together woman.

      • presto


        • presto

          …and @B…get her a flat iron…and put it on our black card!…lol

  • slap doot

    damn i wanna bite her peach

  • Red

    I Love Me a Blasian Woman somebody need to start a Blasian woman Campaign……….100% support this post

    Man walked on Moon(allegedly) But The greatest Move Man did(Talkin bout My brothas right now) is Go Overseas back in 60’s 70’s and 80’s and impregnate some asian women we created a breed unlike no other.

    • crabapples

      you said this on an earlier post REd. i cosigned then and i cosign again.

      BLASIAN chicks are the baddest on the planet.

      • Blue

        No doubt!!!

    • crabapples

      Red who is your favorite blasian chick? i am in lust with Tomika Skanes and Denyce Lawton. Either of those chicks would get wifed up immediately.

  • slydog

    Here is a new rule: if anyone states over the internet that he would go bareback in one of these broads, you are lame and thirsty. and don’t say you were joking. You better not say anything negative towards anyone on here. apparently you can’t just LOOK at pictures and think rationally, so how can you RATIONALIZE someone else’s thoughts. Two have already made this list and you know who you are.

    • crabapples

      ?! i must have missed some convo in an earlier post…

      • slydog

        @ crabs.. don’t worry about it playa. big dogs can’t scratch every flea.

    • too funny

      @slydog, give me 2yrs of kckin it and 4 test (1 every 6mos)……..R. Kelly voice **lets go half on a baby” with this chick so go ahead and add me to that list……lmao had to f*k wit you homie hahahaha, seen the other post


    Thickest blasian i seen period, her booty nice n thick, and her tits are on point, her face aint all that but it’s nice when she smiles

    she an 8.5 overall , 9.5 on the body tho

  • T-Fleezee

    She’s bad! I’ll go head & give her that 9.

  • big ole thick redbone!! Prototype (Andre3K voice)

  • joed

    Solid 9

  • Chi Capitan

    This girl is real sexy…..Nice rack too. As I get older I am starting to appreciate a big rack. Before I was good with 46 inch hips and mosquito bites up top. Now I like both

    • MalleG’s

      Word, thats a grown azz woman right there! She could be a new millinium Pam Greer

    • @chi capitan, you should love esther baxter then homie lol,she destroys all tank tops & tight tshirts lol

      • Chi Capitan

        Yeah, big fan of Esther and Chessika if u remember her.

  • prime706

    she okthick as hell 8.5

  • Blasian….well she sexy to me period…anything this thick is rite for me

  • Treyglizzy

    can we get a name?..

  • zlon

    very nice !! thick and cute face, but i need to see more pics before i put her in my fav 5.

  • zlon

    yes sir !! thick and cute face, but i’ve got to see more pics before i put her in my fav 5.

  • That’s some serious thickness, 9. PEACE!!!

  • TYBO2020


  • BIG EL

    I’ll give 9.5 stars!!! Enough said!

  • ginoBrown

    I say body=9…face=7.

  • STEEL68

    damn she does look good…good and thick!!!

  • Southwest

    The most beautiful thing on Earth is a thick Blasian. Its a perfect mix: everything on their body is proportionate and round, and those Asian eyes with African lips, and their skin comes in the most beautiful tones of brown and feels like silk. Their hair is strong yet straight and their facial bone structure has those soft cheeks and pretty round forehead. And their titties have the biggest prettiest areoles. Ass and thighs, forget about it bruh. I never let one walk past me, I don’t give a f$&k where I’m at, if my breath stinking, bummed out. I gotta try to get at her. My past masseuse was Black, Phillipine, and built like the f&@kin Alamo: 36DD-26-42. love them all. I’m serious bout this s$&t. This one here is gorgeous and still wouldnt crack my top ten of Blasians. Red knows what I’m saying. You can never post too many Hahz.

  • mobboss

    damn she is thick.. Thats a Peach from Georgia known as a Georgia Peach… DAMNNNN

  • Leroy#79

    Red bean and rice didn’t miss her; neither did the shrimp fried rice!!

  • Melloluver

    need home growns…other than that shes “ok”

  • boijuanda

    Her thickness is nice, but she’s a solid 8! When you go higher than that, that’s exceptional fine and she is not on that caliber. She’s bad than a m*tha-f*cka, and I would beat the breaks off that duggout, but she gets a sexy 8!

  • persian prince

    got to tell you i would love to have a wife such as her