Blake Griffin Destroyed Kris Humphries With a Dunk

· January 9, 2014


At this point in time, there is no reason for a defender to try to stop a person who intends to dunk. Only bad things can happen.


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Discussion6 Comments

  1. Lurker says:

    Why Blake stay mugging people after his dunks but when somebody get in his face or confront him all that mugging shyt go out the window?

    Crazy dunk tho

  2. Kanabal says:

    I’d be more impressed seeing him do and up and under off the low block

  3. cantstop says:

    Honestly that was weak. I’ve seen Ryan Kelly do that

  4. MoorThugRelated says:

    He did Kris like that before and the nigga didn’t touch the rim this time. Y’all reach

  5. BzB says:

    are y’all seeing the same thing i am?? do you cats even hoop?? that’s a ridiculous basket to make no matter how you put it. did you even see where he jumped from?? i got the same reaction deandre got right now. wtf?!

    • Big B says:

      Chuuch! He didn’t even dribble or power dribble. Just a drop step from the dots & would’ve flushed it if ‘I Hit It 49th’ wasn’t there.

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