Black People Are Offended By Black Barbie Doll Image

· February 17, 2013

As DJ Quick would say ‘here is what they think of you’.. Pictures have recently surfaced of what is said to be the next African-American Barbie. The doll has blonde hair, gold chains, cleavage, and two bags that favor Louis Vuitton monogram multicolor collection.

A multi*ude of African-Americans find this doll’s look to be offensive, stating that it does not exude the true beauty of African-American women. Honestly the doll does favor the imagery of some famous African-American (e.g. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, etc.). Studies have shown through out the world that TV sets the standard of what women find in style or trending. If we want to change the imagery of the African-American woman, we have to start exalting celebrities and other prominent figures in the black community that represent the imagery that we’d like people around the world to embrace.

If we want to change the way we are perceived by other cultures, we have to make the change within ourselves. This is no excuse to defend prejudice and persons who believe that all black men are criminals because they see black men on the news 24/7. There is a clear indication of systemic racism that severely influences the way we’re perceived across the world; however, we must take accountability.


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  1. MoorFedayeen says:

    Before you sheep get mad at Matel or Barbie why not get upset with Trina, or Beyonce first? Oh I get it, its only wrong when whites portray us in this manor and no issue when members of our own race live this stereotype and promote it to MILLIONS of little girls.

    Nice…real nice.

    • presto 2.5 says:

      Truth…my sometimey friend…lol

    • too_funny says:

      No need to get mad and this has nothing to do with changing our own image bc that image portrait of us is less than 10% of OUR population.


      Black Ppl need to “SHUT THE FVCK UP” and start walking and stop talking…..we been talking for 50 DAMN years.

  2. Blade says:

    Maybe that’s a “Basketball Wives” Barbie.

  3. Beauty_001 says:

    Got to blame black women for this one.

    • presto 2.5 says:

      or the blackman for allowing…cause they only give us what we ask for….

      Tha Supply always conforms to the Demand…we in control but jus dont kno it…

      Jus like da nicca Drake in da “Allstar Game” post…pants to his knees sag’n?…or dem niccas on the sideline lookn like clowns?…lol…I’ll Stop

      S/O to Swizzy…look’n like a grownman…doin dat Daddy thang!

  4. SCOOTYBLACK says:

    Why are black people offended??? This doll describes a good percentage of black women I see today. Looks like the most of the women posted on this site minus the butt injections. Does it come with a pole?

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Hollywood, its quite the case but with real woman (like yourself) in the real world, this stereotype is marginal at best. The whole Barbie line should have never become as popular or successful as it is now. The image sets the bar for woman at unattainable height. That goes for the white dolls too. Super Long legs with and tiny waist does not represent half the little girls that play with them. The company ought to be exposed then scrapped.

    • too_funny says:

      @scooty… does this include yourself?

      I dont think the roughly 8 million women btw the 18-40 look like this

      and most of the women posted on this site are supposed to look like that…

      • SCOOTYBLACK says:

        No it doesn’t include me and most women I see on social networks and out in clubs fit that description to the T. There are a lot of club photos posted on here and damn near every black chick has a 40 inch weave and is damn near naked. Who said that’s how u are supposed to look to get attention?

  5. SCOOTYBLACK says:


  6. Andre Rocko says:

    Case and point, look at the picture of nicki minaj right below the article! Her and other african american pop “stars” are a strong representation of what alot of non african americans view is of black women in the mainstream.

  7. Camaro434 says:

    We support sh1t like “All Gold Everything” then get mad when white people spoof it. We are making ourselves look like f@cking idiots! F@ck this era of rap music!

  8. M0311 says:

    All I wanna know is…is Black Ken gonna be able to keep his pants up?

  9. Jamez says:

    if anything, be mad at yourselves for not wanting to look or claim african until a white person is involved. How many blk women wear kente versus wearing these high priced brands when they dont want blk people to model em, wear our jewelry opposed to blood diamonds or embrace their heritage opposed to making fun of someone who LOOKS african. didnt think so. so busy steady tryna ppl. nobody thinks its funny when facing the mirror

  10. 2mques says:

    We used to get offended by lynching; then we got offended by being called Ni&&er by white people; now we’re offended by a hoodrat-looking barbie doll…smh. I didn’t even know kids were playing with barbie, every kid I see either got an Ipad or Ipod.

  11. 1luv says:

    This doll fits the description of black women that are following the foots steps of looking just like Nikie Minaj. If you you’re a black women and you dressing just like this, you can’t get mad if white people make a spoof or do something to fun of you. Like others said on here, there are black women on this site that is fitting the description of the doll. The most critical issue is that so many black man or giving these girls attention cause of their Barbie doll looks.

  12. aaronfwest says:

    Wasn’t it Ice Cube who said, “Here’s what they think about you”?

  13. Stacey says:

    Most famous African American women don’t look or dress like that at all.

  14. Kellie says:

    Beyonce Nikki and Rhianna DO NOT represent the majority of balck women in America! But my thing is don’t get mad now! Think aboout what you do in your everyday life. While you’re thinking it’s your choice and right and all that others have built there own opinion about it and this is it! Now you Michael Kors, LV, Coach bad carrying ladies are upset! This is what y’all love though!!! LMAO But honestly though this is actually what white women look like with darker tone skin!!! I see them everyday!

  15. Sick of the crap! says:

    First of all that is NOT a Barbie. It is a Hallibis Doll. Stop the maddness, black women come in all flavors. This is foolishness!!

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