Black Ink Crew’s Dutchess Lattimore definitely has that it factor. Check out these pictures of Dutchess that show you another side of her that you won’t see on VH1. Are you feeling her?


NSFW Picture 1

NSFW Picture 2

  • DonkRida

    Yeah I’m feeling her, she sexy. Nice lips too..

    • renee

      even as a straight girl, i think dutchess is gorgeous. and i like that she’s a strong woman who doesn’t take crap and has feminist outlook. sassy’s great, too. i can’t understan how dutchess’s rear end looks perky and round on the show, but like a saggy triangle in these pix. kwani’s a beautiful girl, too. puma’s also so likeable, but why in hell won’t he fix that tooth? he can’t be poor — he’s on t.v.

  • me

    there* sorry, pet peeve.

    anywho, i don’t like her tats. they’re kind of all over the place. her locks are pretty tho.

    • presto 2.5

      lol at the *

  • Big ALbert

    Her face is hit or miss tho. In that first pic she’s pretty but on the show she looks basic.

    I hate the tattoos btw.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Man she could wipe all them tatts except the one on her right shoulder then she would be 1000%. Love centric woman with natural hair. She look like she got the type of sex that would open a brothas 3rd Eye.

  • Mister Mister

    She could be sexier without all them tats. I’d still smash though, I’m feeling her hair. But that’s it, them tats aren’t appealing

  • adaj

    The locks are sexy as hell, but the tats ruin the whole picture.If it weren’t for the tats she would easily be girlfriend material.But for now, smash and dash.

  • Realtalkin

    nice looking lady, messing her body up with tatts. dno why they all do this

  • Prime706

    Yeah I’m feeling her she sexy as fuck.

  • Southwestern

    Black women used to value their skin, just like every other culture who tries to tan to look like us. Now it’s like they’re ashamed of it and want to cover every inch of their body up. When will we realize that’s not for us. If you’re not in a Mexican or Biker gang, or done a extended bid, that sh&t ain’t for you, let alone a woman. Following trends is silly enough, but it died with Tupac. Let it go and get them sh*ts removed. It’s just depressing to see a beautiful caramel skinned woman with ink all over her. Might as well have exzema or bad body acne or something.

  • Queso (The Corp)

    I like this broad… Love her country accent.. Seems like her azz is a lot faster in clothes though

  • Tya

    Why are you pussies crying about tattoos on a female shut the fuck up and enjoy the damn view and by the damn way its certain images & tattoo styles which can accentuate a females curves and her entire body lil bitches


    Yall act like shes a random chick eith tattoos. She is a tattoo artist so that comes with the territory. Personally I wouldnt get a tattoo from someone who isn’t tatted. Dutchess is natural and bad as hell!!!

  • She is sexy, but this chick thinks she is way smarter than she is. Your a tattoo artist, you don’t have a “brand”.

    • renee

      yeah, isn’t that weird? she keeps mentioning her degree (masters?), but she doesn’t seem exceptionally educated to me. sometimes she talks like she’s kinda dumb and low class. don’t get it. she should put out a lingerie line. capitalize on being sexy and unique.