I seen a lot of “what would Black Chyna look like with out the weave and make up” comments.. this post is for you. Looking at the picture were she is facing front she is obviously covering up forehead for a reason? But other then that she looks aight makeup-less..Thoughts?

  • moorfedayeen

    Damn she got a head full of hair. Why she wear so much weave then??? She look better w/o it.


      Why do people think just cause a person wears weaves or wigs they don’t have hair?? She is an entertainer…can u imagine the maintenance and damage it would be for her to wear her natural hair in her profession? I don’t hear ppl talking about the ugly thick weave and wigs Rosa Acosta wears…SMH

      • jpari

        These men are so stupid & just people in general
        A lot people think if you wear wears your: bald headed, insucure, trying to be like white women (when they wear extensions weaves & full lace wigs so who are they trying to be like?) etc

        I have a head full of thick natural chemical free hair why would I want to mess that up when I can wear falls, wigs & weave to change up my style, do a protective style, color etc

      • jpari

        Insecurity’s come in different shapes & forms everybody has or has had a an insecurities at one point in their life whether they want to admit it or not

        The way you dress can be a form of insecurity because of a certain way you want to be perceived by others
        Its funny people go straight to weaves plastic surgery etc as the prime examples of insecurities
        It’s not easy taking care of natural hair chemical free hair

      • whatever91

        Really. Thats what weaves were made for if you have ugly nappy hair and you wanna cover it up duh. Plus they are usually bold headed so this is a shock. Its probably fake in thier. I can see the naps and the good stuff looks fake Dont get mad cause some people dont have to wear weaves. If she wasnt ashamed of her real hair she wouldnt wear wigs all the time. LOL ghetto much?

  • she’s ok I guess. It’s funny to me how you can see when a chick has insecurities about her appearance………and she’s a stripper *shrugs* lol. I’ve seen so many homegrown pics of chicks wearing sunglasses,hats,and big long azz weaves to hide their faces smh. Women like those make me appreciate my lady even more…..real talk! And HELL YEAH I’m still smashing chyna lmao!!!

    • 850

      @ B-strait I was never a fan of hers. But I have to admit she looks alot better like this. This is what i’m talking about. Str8t up natural. I would hit it too kenfolk I can’t lie about that.


        yea fellas im poppin her off 2,even tho i dont really pop strippers off!!!I’LL MAKE THIS 1 TIME EXCEPTION LOL…

        • mr. leftfoot

          cosign id smash her in her “natural” state

  • She looks better natural to me. PEACE!!!

  • Plansky

    wow she is GORGEOUS!!! want to go to her club and taster her love juice… nyuk nyuk nyuk

  • Cutta

    Her cheeks look pink in that first pic to me.. maybe I got bad eyes. I don’t even see enough to judge if she looks better… with that said… I”m smashing her wit a weave, wig, or natural.

  • She lookin like lauren london in that first pic

    • jfizzle

      @Ttown, yeah I’ve always said she look like L.London but she really looks like her in that pic

  • Plansky

    yeah thats a BEAUTIFUL woamn right there


    Also she is a dancer it is part of her costume and allows versatility. I’m a hairstylist and I have a lot of clients with hair longer than Chyna’s that wear weaves!!

  • Chi Capitan

    That 1st pic is really cute to me. She kinda has a girlish innocent look in that one. Hopefully more women will get with the natural look. I dont care about a little weave or whatever, but not really feeling the permed look

  • true blackman

    she looks better with out it

  • TYBO2020


  • bkstandup

    Idk why people (generally men) assume if you have a weave you don’t have any hair. What do you think she’s braiding down and sewing the tracks to? My ex and I did a little experiment. I wore my natural hair for 2 weeks, but instead of me doing it, I had him do it. He straightened it, washed it, wrapped it, everything that I would normally have to do to it. After those two weeks I never heard a complaint about me wearing weaves again.

  • Ryder

    Bout damn time!Blac Chyna I`m so proud of you! She look like Lauren London in that 1st pic.

  • @terryplease

    She is ok still gotta big ass 4 head. Id still hit it if thrown..

  • mr.p

    She looks a billion times better with no makeup don’t kno why she wears it

  • ginoBrown

    Looks great and better this way.

  • Cold and Hot

    Told yall she’d be sexy when she tone down the weave and makeup.

  • jerseybrotha

    From what I can tell she’s a cutie but the pic doesn’t show her complete face!

  • nobi

    I’m not surprised she looks good if not better with her natural look….when one entertains men like she does she has to have a look. I.e. she has to have a different look to perpetuate a fantasy. Yep she can have some of my attention.