Blac Chyna’s past was the topic of discussion thanks to Gucci Mane’s latest Twitter rant.  Well she came a long way from those stripper days, now she is chilling with the Kardashian’s and Rachel Roy… She is climbing the socialite ladder. What would these ladies have in common?

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  • **Gucci voice**

    “I had a orgy wit all these hoes, Kim kardashian really was pregnant by me,that’s my baby her & Kanye claiming”

    • NowWhiteInMyCup

      FUNNY and lowkey THING ABOUT IT IS that they are all professional or ho3s period

  • Big ALbert

    This post is TEAM FAIRYTALES APPROVED. *in Playboy69’s voice*

    • Playboy69


  • Mister Mister

    Hoes hang with other hoes

  • Proud Blk Nerd!

    WTF is up with black women and blonde hair? If a black man wanted a REAL blonde, he’d go after a white woman! Lose the peroxide!

  • i. f@ck ed michelle oboma ask, waka