Blac Chyna Blackmen magazine scans a some homegrown pictures. You can find Blac Chyna dancing at King Of Diamonds in Miami Florida. Are you feeling Blac Chyna?

  • scog81

    Yeah I’m feeling her alot. That Body is crazy & them tats sexy as Fuck…

  • T-Fleezee

    I love her she reminds me of a thicker Lauren London! Plus her tat is hot! Slugging fine as hell! Solid 9.5! I took off the extra .5 for suspicion
    of enhancements! Lol!

  • Cold and hot

    Niiiiice!! She a cutie for real, not feeling the blond wig but every thing else is official.

  • moorfedayeen

    She bout the only chick with a fake donk that I wouldn’t say nothin about. It looks good on her and she always looks sharp from head to toe. Never looking rattish or bummy. I love that but why is she out on the street in lingerie? That’s crazy!

  • BlackLonDoNer

    She’s badd.

    But serious question though..Why is it that most urban least the ones I see on this site..are strippers?..does it pay that good? or perhaps is some sort of prestigious urban position over there?

    • still118

      my nig, this atlanta! we the strip club capital of the world.

      its been like that since i was a lil boy. most of the bad chicks strippin nowdays aint got no pimp like back in the day. so as way of gettin out the mofo game, they resort to being models. not really realizing they don got trapped out in this avenue as well. HAHZ would you please post the RULES 2 DA URBAN MODEL GAME when you get a chance. shawty its in the book…

  • jfizzle

    She phat ass hell. Why does it seem like every black with Asian features is nicknamed CHINA!!! lOL

  • Clyde Drekesler


  • She’s cute, tight body too. PEACE!!!

  • mr.portcity

    In this set of pics u can c she changes her look a lot that means she is open minded which means she is willing to try things out a huge plus..I’ve seen her around on the net she is a lil crazy to we all know crazy chicks go hard in the bedroom

  • melloluver

    Yes suh! i gotta get me some of that.

  • Pat

    Other then that 5head she got, she bad!!

  • zlon

    she looks good, and nice body, but all that blond hair and make-up got to go!

  • tim

    I remember her on the beach talking about Sean Kingston sweating her.
    She was acting real arrogant, but most black broads who know then look good are always the most ugly inside. I knew she was a stripper she works at a club where stuff is for sale if the price is right. I have met a lot of strippers and regardless of how nice they were, they all sold ass at one point or another. I am sure she has too, for the right price.

  • Talley_b

    imma have to beg to differ with yall…ole girl is NOT bad at all….she’s a tacky lookin broad actually…i’d hit….but ol girl is the farthest thing from a dime…in my book, she’s a 6…that big ol forehead and clown makeup kille for me…

    • moorfedayeen

      I agree a little. That hair does scream “I’m a stripper!” and I didn’t really see the 4head til you all said that. Gotta downgrade a lil bit plus the ass fake so…I was wrong all together.

  • JoeBlack2k8

    Yeah, Blac Chyna AKA Dora-Renee is phat as hell with her beautiful dimples, small waist, and big ol’ plump booty. I’ve known about this chick for a minute. She’s also in that Rick Ross vid @ the King of Diamonds that was posted a while back. I’d love to get a lap dance from this one. Keep postin’ ’em HAHZ, keep postin’. PEACE.

  • im tired of these imma get you sucka looking hoes.Man yall remember that light skin girl that keenan ivory wayans was bout to hit man she had a fake ass, fake hair , breats , even legs , these hoes just bout the same smh

  • nothanks

    dem’s the kind of ass you be smelling as you near the ladies room in the malls, and it gets worst when they older and can’t clean themselves proper. NO THANKS!