Blac Chyna and King Cairo were spotted coming from the post office in Calabasas, CA Monday morning.

via SR

She also stopped and posed with a Fan at the Nail Salon.

Another fan pic…

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    She’s cutr

  • MoorThugRelated

    Tyga took the L

    • tHe kiD fRanKiE


    • BzB

      knocking up and wifing an industry thot is a loss

      • MoorThugRelated

        Seeding a known prostitute. How many industry and street n**** hit that?

  • Mister Mister

    She’s facially attractive, but not something you bun up & have a kid with

    • Big ALbert

      PREACH!! She ruined her looks

  • nono

    Black men don’t have any sense now and days. aslong as the chick have a little color on her and came straight off the pole they’re ok. Black men don’t have standards any more. This is real reason that we will never prgress as a race because we will always be ignorant.

    • dusty

      stfu.. getting sick and tired of you useless people spewing ignorance.. just because tyga has no standards doesnt mean that the rest of us doesnt. GET IT!.
      im a black man who doesnt mess with bullshyt or big up ignorance..
      i would never wife a stripper or any of these type of girls.. why do you ignorant people always put us black men in one… we are not the same .!

      • LovieVtheKING

        True. My wife is beautiful with 2 college degrees, working on a third one

    • crabapples

      stop with the dumbass generalizations. no dude with common sense is going to wife a skripper and have her raising his children. my lady has a PhD my dude.

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    SMH, baby girl think she the black KIM K

  • MGC Red(#Winny2014)

    In that first pic you literally can see her ass from the front smh

  • Paul

    She’s really pretty without all the makeup and nonsense

  • sadiki

    Having degrees from the white man school knowing how the educational system is fuced up and really doesn’t do much for our people in general isn’t anything to brag about.Now just because a sista doesn’t have that doesn’t make her less than.Comments like my lady has a phd or my lady has this degree or that like this system of white supremacy that doesn’t do a damn for black folk validates your worth is funny as hell.All that makes some of us is well trained slaves.Because black folk has a whole don’t really own chit and doesn’t have no knowledge of self to teach these young one’s running around,so they don’t feel the need to get naked for money or sell drugs,but are using a talent or skill they have to uplift self and kind(which is what true education is about).This sista is spending time with her son and that is all that should matter.I am not going to tear down the sista just because she was or still is a stripper.Peace!

  • Fantasygirl

    Omg I can see her face! She’s really beautiful without all of the makeup.