Haters might have a seizure after hearing how much he paid for his latest whip. I didn’t even think this Exelero was real last time I seen it online it was a concept car. He got 1 up on Jay-Z in the car department now. Are you feeling this car?

*Waits for Birdman to grab the mic and tell the world how much $ he spent on his cars*

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  • williedynamite

    with a car as rare as that…this may be actually considered an investment, somebody will definitely cop this if he decides to sell it…*shrug*

    • Yea I think it’s a one of one..

  • Parklawnguy

    Bird done f@ck Floyd up with one car, and that muthaf#@ka hard too! If I hard that kind of duck sauce on deck, I’ll grab that bitch too, f#$k what a nigga gotta say!

  • Danny Reds

    The streetz is watchin… and so is the I.R.S…

  • Reese

    Shake My Head, imagine how many positive things he could of done with that money….

    feed starving children.
    help a poorly bad neighborhood in nola.
    provide housing for homeless.

    so many things…… thats a dumb negro.

    • Legacy

      His america nicca. Every man for himself. I say keep ballin. We don’t know what he gives to his community. But this is capitalism, the homeless man on the corner has just as much chance to be a million as he had. Quit whining and start grinding.

    • Legacy

      This is america nicca. Every man for himself. I say keep ballin. We don’t know what he gives to his community. But this is capitalism, the homeless man on the corner has just as much chance to be a millionaire as he had. Quit whining and start grinding.

    • Anonymous

      Help your sorry ass english.

    • Maj

      Before you go off hating on the bird for buying one of the most stunning cars ever made, keep in mind that others spend just as much if not more on boats, houses, country clubs, etc. If I had the money, I’da done the exact same. The exelero is maybach’s greatest achievement, and ultimate failure in that they didn’t make it a permenent addition to their rather stagnant portfolio of uber ugly sedans.

    • Greg

      How you dont know he does not give? Thats his money he earned it and he can spend it. Heck he puts money to private charities all the time and lets not mention all the money he has put into new Orleans since hurricane Katrina!!!!

  • G 26’s

    f@#@ haters YMCMB boss status

  • greg

    Baby is a RETARD!

  • Seattleslim

    it’s not a one off, they made a few of these and were having trouble selling them. it’s a nice looking car but other than that nothing special, just bragging rights lol.

  • cain

    u get money and u feed people u weak b@#$h

  • Mike Lowrey

    That car is a one of one. Its the Maybach coupe concept car. I can’t say Birdman got 1 over on Jay-z considering he had it in the video for Lost One. Plus Hov got a plane wit his name on it.

    • black

      Buying and having a car in your video aint a comparasion.You think Baby flys south west,he got a private jet also.

  • ice

    you think you ballin cause u got a block?

  • RK4

    wonders who’s royality check that is

    • jfizzle

      @RK4, coughs “Juve, and all cash money producers”!!!!!

      • jj

        yep this man is a pure blooded vampire.

  • black

    damn didn’t he just buy a 2 million maybach,this nigga is the car capo

  • Go Get It

    Baby’s money is too Baby for this type of shit. What a fuckin clown. This dude is buying yachts, 2 million dollar watches, and Maybachs. You can tell when a dude gets new money. What a clown

  • Bossplaya

    He doesn’t have one up on hov.. That’s the maybach coupe “the black bat-mobile” jay z was talking about that car in 06. Sorry birdman
    you lose again

  • MyDude

    My first thought is this is a stupid, attention needing dude

    But my second thought is..if u work hard, then spend your money anyway u want…u cant take it with u anyway.

    • Mister Mister

      That’s true….but a wise man named Carnegie once said that a rich man who dies rich is disgraced. Baby will never see Carnegie money & A.C gave back more money than Baby will ever see. A.C has his name on buildings across the U.S., that’s how you leave a legacy.

  • Work hard play harder respect birdman

  • blackandmild

    no hate: but dude like a lot of attention and he’s about to get it from the feds lol this dude need to help the poor in new orleans straight clown need to grow up.

  • john smalls

    Man Jay-z had this car in the Lost One video….remember the maybach coupe that sh1t is like the bat mobile!!!

    • Yall really don’t believe rappers use there own cars in videos?

  • MonstaDon

    Um…Jay bought the first one. It was in the ‘Lost Ones’ Video…years ago…they only made a few of them.

    I don’t begrudge anyone nice things…and I don;t necessarily believe that just because someone gets a lot of money it’s automatically their responsibility to save the world…

    But 8 million for THAT?


    To each their own I guess.


  • Carlex32

    I can’t co-sign on Birdman. Never really been a fan of his.

  • ginobli

    not hating but u wanna know why he can buy all them cars cause he aint paying nobody jack shit he is a damn dummy if u ask me

  • EazyBaby

    We all know for years he’s a materialistic show off, but if this is how he wants to blow his money, you can’t be mad at him. But if I were an artist on his record labels, I’d be pissed.

  • jayevans20

    A fool and his money…….

  • Its not what he buys but HOW he buys it that irks me..does he have to make a video bout everything he buys??? I see attention has become the new drug. And for the record none of us knows what he does for the less fortunate

    • If you spent that amount on one item would you keep quite about it? You gotta think the rap game is all about bragging

  • mike

    8 milli for a car? are u serious? do you know how many businesses you could start with that? how many family members you could save with that? how many people in the recession you could save with that? wow man.. i was down wit baby until this one. if he really paid 8 mill for this, this is way past stupid. so how much did he pay for his house?

  • Jdude

    None of u mother f$%kers have nothing better to do. Who gives a f%$k weather u like it or not. He’s obviously smarter and more successful then all of you. S$%s not handed to u. He started cash money, and all his artist work for him. Let them b*&ches quit, they ain’t sh*& without his company backing them. So get off a n%$as di%$. If u made 400 thousand a year. U wouldn’t think twice about buying a 40 grand car. Which to him 8 million ain’t shit. Niggas balling. Pu$%y ass n%^gas.

  • Wow

    Niggas is a trip. He needs to help the homeless? Why? Because he has more money than you? None of ya’ll help the homeless in any way, shape, form, or fashion; but you have the audacity to tell another nigga what he should do with his money? He aint obligated to do shit but take care of his family, just like everybody else in this world. If everybody did that, there would be a lot less homeless people in the world.

    • KEYS

      REAL S$#T! Been sayin the same thing to these clowns

  • Trio5
  • ironMOOR

    the money is in the patented technology and licensing it out to other company’s…otherwise u just a sucka

  • judah

    This has to be the more most retarded sh1t I heard somebody do in a while…..its people actually in need rii now….and what makes the sh1t funny is that its doesn’t even “look” like a 8 million dollar car…..

  • caesar


  • Suze

    Birdman didnt pay the CAR!


    The massive capital outlays do sometimes raise the specter of a liquidity crisis—a legitimate concern for someone whose net worth is largely tied to the value of a single asset, Cash Money Records. Arnaud Massartic, a European entrepreneur who says he’s selling the $8 million Maybach, claims Birdman hasn’t yet paid him; the rapper insists the car will arrive December (along with the presumed winnings from his Mayweather wager)