Big Boy don’t give a fu*k, bruh always keep it 100..

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  • Rex!!!

    Of course when u got money n fame hoes will find a way to like u no matter what u look like ask FLAVOR FLAV OR BIGGIE,we all know today’s LOVE N HIP-HOP GENERATION of woman are FAKE N SHALLOW (some) this is why men treat them like shhhh

    And jayz knows damn well if it wasn’t for fame beyonce wouldn’t give a f*** about him or his swag real talk

    • I agree @rex

    • desolation

      I agree but Jay Z doesn’t strike me as a lame w/o the gift of gab. Good game & confidence slays all women. So, in Jay’s case, it aint just the money. Now, other rappers are a different story….

  • Moor#BpCoffins

    Yo he threw MAJOR shade at Jay and Jay didn’t even know how to respond. I love it. No ass kissing like you God MC over here.

  • truthspeaker

    Women sell themselves like cars at the Barret Jackson auction….to the highest bidder, it’s always been that way and always will. Concentrate on your grind not these broads, because the dimes on this site will chase you when your on your sh*%. Wake up and strive for something.

    • desolation

      no diss but even as man, I hate the mentality that a lot of niggaz have that says women will prostitute themselves any time a man w/ money comes around.

      1. The female who chase a man’s money like that aren’t women, they’re the lowest form of social parasites walking. So hit n split or avoid them at all costs ( example: tyga’s ” wife” )

      2. To imply you always need money to get quality women says a man has no confidence in himself. Shit, we all know niggaz who were broke as hell and not pretty boys yet were smashing bad ones on the regular. confidence will put you on regardless of what woman is put before you. confident nigga w/ authentic swag > clown w/ money whose sense of self worth is based on his pockets

      3. Women will fuck who they want when they want. Regardless of his situation. ( ex. Any nigga out here, Antoine fisher etc.)

      • Greg4422

        You’re right a woman will fuck who she wants, but I have to question and woman that chooses to be with a broke nigga, thats not trying to do anything with his life, and the same goes for a man with a broke hoe…you got to at least have goals and be trying to do something

        • desolation

          right but the heart wants what the heart wants. I don’t think an outsider can answer that question unless they know that man/ woman’s heart. # it be what it be

  • Idk about this one. Women have different tastes in men just like we got different tastes in women. Yeah Jigga is rich, but there are plenty of rich cats out there, and B coulda had ANY LAST ONE OF THEM. So why she choose J? Cuz he rich? I don’t buy that sh!t for one minute.