Since VH1 got every one obsessed with Hip Hop Wives we gonna feature one of Atl’s own Sherlita. One of Hip Hop finest MC’s to grab a mic Big Boi got one of the finest wives in the game.

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  • F.B.I.

    Some pics she seem looks like a dyme, some not as good…

    • jfizzle

      @FBI, I hear that but her sister like the greatest video vixen ever, “Ki Toy”, did one video and the rest is history

      • blackandmild

        @jfizzle what video did she do

        • Tallyban

          She was the chick at the beginning of The Way You Move video

          • blackandmild

            @tallyban thanks partner

  • Jay

    Ki Toy has one of the greatest asses of all-time.

  • D’mage’


  • mr shiggity

    gotdamn i knew she was fine but dog.