Beyonce’s Turns Into Mrs. Carter For Her Upcoming World Tour

· February 2, 2013

 beyonce-mrs-carter-show-world-tour-in-2013- atlnightsspot

 Beyonce is going hard in 2013!!! Beyonce seems to continue to make her mark she’s started this year off with a bang as everybody anticipates her big Super-bowl performance. It seems as though B has been hiding a secret that might just be out of the bag. Recently there was a photo released of  Beyonce’s next major world tour which is know as “The Mrs. Carter Show” world tour. There hasn’t been any other information like dates and location but we can most likely expect it for sometime later this year. B kept very quite this week during interviews in New Orleans about what she has coming up but she did make this come in one interview:

“I may have an announcement after the performance — fans should just stay tuned to see.”

Well B is turning it up this year we will keep you updated when the tour is making a stop in a city near you.

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  1. Teegirl says:

    Tired of her already. Jay ain’t hittin dat a z z hard enough to make her sit down? This chic puttin too much energy into being in the limelight all the time.

  2. Teegirl says:

    oh lawd. a beyonce groupie,quick to call somebody a hater. tsk tsk..

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