Last week Anderson Cooper sat down with superstar Beyonce and UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos to discuss World Humanitarian Day. Cooper sat down with Beyonce hours before the star took the stage on August 10 at the United Nations General Assembly Hall to sing for an audience that included a mix of celebrities and ambassadors.

  • Greendozen

    Total bullsh*t. She talking about “spreading positivity”…what the f*ck is “positivity”? Is there an actionable objective/agenda there? She and her hubby are frauds, promoting satanic messages in their music to boot (and I ain’t talking about some amateur youtube videos; I’m speaking from the standpoint of someone who studied occult philosophy for 10+ years). How you gonna talk about “positivity” when you telling young virgins to give it up loosely at a party (“Party”)? GTFO!!!! I’m sick of these sellouts….Israel stand up!!!!

    • @green we got to connect because I have been studying some stuff yoo and I need a good siundingboard.

    • Green said the Keyword.. Actionable information is hard to come by now a days. I can not change my life with a positive message when I live in a dump and all I see is trash day in day out. The UN 8s a joke in most countries anyway and are basically there to make an assessment for the private sector.

  • Playboy69


  • Marv

    We Israel need to change our state of mind stop conforming unto the ways of the world and be transformed by the renewing of our minds through the word of GOD that is the only way one can fully change!

  • Mike

    Gimme a break. She wants to spread “positivity” but did she forget how she shutdown the maternity section of the hospital she was in and prevented the well-documented story of the father who missed his baby’s birth. Or the father that was not allowed to visit his premature baby in intensive care because Beyonce thought her sht don’t stink?

  • Mike

    People get on Kim Kardashian for being a gold-digger but Beyonce makes her OWN money yet publicly said she never spends her own money, that she only spends Jay’s money.

  • PaPiChulo

    How about she start doing instead of SAYING WHAT she wants to do, Singing at the united nations is all well and good for Face value but that bullshiit alone aint making no fucking change

  • 828heffe

    How do you tell a 10yr old who hasnt ate in a week to be Positive? Or people pinned down in there house who cant come outside due to Sniper Fire? Maybe Positivity aint the best choice of words…. She does have a new album on the way hmmmmmm…….

    • PaPiChulo

      love beyonce music but she is notorious for hogging the spotlight, She may write an adlib and then wants credit for writing the whole song, thats why her and neyo had problems and she had to admit she didnt write the shiiit

      the taylor swift thing, wasnt her ideal to go back on stage and speak up, them krackas told her to do it

      She said she was upset at BET for clowning Lauryn hill , well why didnt she speak up, because she wont, her singing this dammmn song aint nothing in my opinion but a way to silent the recent hate thrown her way about not doing for others