Beyoncé new self ti*led album smashed the records after debuting at #1 on Billboard with 617k sold in the first week (3 days retail). Last night, she held a private party at Dave & Busters in Brooklyn following her latest Mrs. Carter tour stop. Drake and J. Cole were some of the special guests at the fun looking party.

Drizzy even got behind the 1s and 2s and congratulated Bey on the massive win she scored this week. We have a short video of that plus more photos (courtesy her Instagram) of the celebration below.

[jwplayer mediaid=”200904″]

Mrs. Carter world tour, Beyoncé has gone and debuted another fragrance. Because she’s got nothing but time on her hands to start new projects.

Women’s Wear Daily reports that Beyoncé Rise is Bey’s third fragrance “pillar,” the first two being Pulse and Heat. Rise, described as an “intoxicating, addictive luminous floral,” is intended to be “a little bit more intimate and personal.” The approach to promoting the perfume was inspired by none other than a Maya Angelou poem (yes, really).
And, of course, there will be a video, a new TV commercial with 15- and 30-second versions. You’d think they could have just cribbed one of the extra videos from the new album and used that… but we all know that’s not how Beyoncé rolls.

“Beyoncé Rise is designed to go beyond the sensuality and electricity of her stage persona to reveal a bit more of her personality.” -WWD


  • Reme

    Dave and Busters forreal? Who’s idea was that! Might as well go to chuck e cheese.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Actually i respect the fcuk out of that shiiit.

      Beyonce on top of the social media world right now and she celebrates at DAVE AND BUSTERS like regular folks.

      But you got all these instagram ho3s who aint got a pot to piss out of who feel they to good to dine anywhere other than a 5 star place.

      SALUTE BEYONCE i see ya no hate.

  • Ice

    She seems so HAPPY and relaxed!! Happy for her, the woman has worked hard to get where she is!

  • Ace

    Get it King Bey! She looks great!

  • lokey

    Bey looks good.

  • sunshine

    Looks like fun

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Man in less than a week Beyonce has done real shiit

    She successful married woman that had a child after tying the knot and being successful .

    She didnt sell her photos online of baby like some white people,, she released them to the world.

    She released an album with no promo, no commercials, no interviews in the middle of the night on taylor swifts birthday ( when r&b broads constantly complain about no promo.

    She dont be on fcuking red carpets every other week partying, she doing world tours.

    She dont be hanging out with lala and her famous freinds.

    She goes to DAVE AND BUSTERS to celebrate, when most of the broke azz ho3s feel they too good for regular shiit.

    HOW CAN YOU HATE , SERIOUSLY honestly we need more females like her.

    • trap101

      Real talk.