Heavyweights video vixens DeelishisBernice Burgos, Maliah Michel, Cubana Lust, Deelishis and Jessica Kylie are all out in NBA All Star Weekend in Houston hosting various parties. Who looked the best?

Via Rasheed


Cubana Lust

Jessica Kylie

Maliah Michel


  • 1986

    Word though, I don’t usually condone trick’n…cubana lust though!!!!!
    pffff I’ll come up off a weeks pay..*kanye shrug*

    • Playboy69

      Preach!…. It’s ain’t trickin if you got it….LOL!….Cubana Lust get the JAMES HARDEN MONEY this weekend…LOL!

  • Mister Mister

    Maliah & Bernice

  • Playboy69

    Cubana Lust gets the STANDING OVATION!… Maliah, Bernice, Jessica, Deelishis needs to take several seats cuz CUBANA LUST IS THE WINNER!…LOL!

    • President Ward

      @Playboy. Brunettes all day!!!

      • Playboy69

        Cubana Lust has BLACK HAIR MAN!….LOL!

        • President Ward

          Just sayin’ lol!

  • jfizzle

    Yo jfizzle reporting live from h-town, very nice sites everywhere

    • hey,you went to onyx last night dawg?

    • Im mad I got booked last minute and all the flights were 700.

  • President Ward

    I got Bernice Burgos …

    Wolfpack Inc.

  • one of the few times maliah didn’t outshine everyone..deelishis in them aqua jeans man..everyone gets free hot wings!

  • Deelishis, Cubana & maliah makes those other 2 look like little girls!!!

    • Queso (The Corp)

      No doubt..that pic of cubana in the bathroom put a hurting on me.

      • Realtalkin


  • mcalumni01

    their gotta be some balance on this site as far as as the amount of post relating to women goes

  • too_funny

    not a fan but damn Cuban (in white) makes looking nasty look so good

    Maliah face is on point

  • Starfucker

    Jessica Kylie looks amazing.. I’ma go with her.

    • reese

      yup, yall can have the rest just give me jessica.

      shout out to the baller who smashed that this weekend.

  • Larcen

    Cubana Lust destroy’s yet another post and clothing she wearing! that is one gorgeous ass lady