Bernice Burgos In The Club Pics

· September 5, 2011

Since Bernice Burgos doubled Keani Cochelle in numbers like “Carter IV” did “Watch The Throne” album we had to bring her back. Bernice clubbing in a all white dress looking like a tall glass of milk n cookies. Thoughts?

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  1. TruDat says:

    She’s cool, nothing like a plain jane with a nice figure………

    One Love

    • moorfedayeen says:

      “Plain Jane”???

    • ThatGuy says:

      She probably has the most beautiful face of all of the women on ANS. You think she’s a plain Jane? I must be have a skewed perception of beauty then

      • Chi Capitan says:

        When I think of a plain jane, I simply think of a woman that is simple and doesn’t need to do much to be beautiful. Like those women you run into at the store and they have on some regular jeans with a tank top and flip flops or sandals, hair not done but pulled back in a pony tail or some type of natural style but still fine. Some women are so into trends and always have to buy the latest clothes and weaves etc. and have a heart attack if they cant get their nails done this week. With that said, Bernice is fine and I can see how she can be somebody’s #1

        • B strait up says:

          @chi capitan, I think the meaning ur giving for plain jane is more so linked to a natural beauty. Plain jane is basically a chick that has really no appeal physically. Nothing about her look pops out @ you and her sense of style leaves sumthin to be desired lol. Not ugly but is just kinda like avg lookin


      she’s hot i’d holla most def!!!

    • pimptyght says:

      This is exactly the plain jane I want on my team. Just like chi captain said, A woman who has to do nothing in order to be beautiful. I am so so so shocked that Bernice beat Keani in a poll on ANS. Normally, the fattest azz wins. So it shows that some folks on here know what a winner looks like….lol

  2. realtalkldn says:

    shes got that exotic look to her, she’s winning me over fast. Dope body too

  3. ginoBrown says:

    Great body, alright face.

  4. Jimmy89 says:

    she is a cute girl but after further review of her face. she not that pretty. her complexion and long hair helps but face is most important. still no one matches up to portia.

  5. bkstandup says:

    :) my number 1

  6. Cold and Hot says:

    She rising up my list!!

  7. Seattleslim says:

    I saw her show magazine video and it wasn’t all that but she is a dime for sure!!

  8. LouieV says:

    That’s what I’m talking regular bitches. Cute face nice shape. My type.

  9. G 26's says:

    damn her friend cute as hell

  10. southwest says:

    She fine and all (kinda remind me of my neighbor who I’ve yet to get with) but she doubled Keani’s votes? Really? Based on a scale of 1-10 set by Keani, Bernice gets an 8.5 at best. Keani is much more well put together and doesn’t have any questionable facial features.

  11. ginobli says:

    plain jane really get off the post that hoe is fine unless u know other wise lls

  12. gphi says:

    I knew who she was befor the J. Cole(Workout) music video, but after seeing her in that video, I’m even more of a fan than I already was. PEACE!!!

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