Bernice Burgos (BTS) Black Men Magazine Video

· January 23, 2013


Black Men Magazine gives you a behind the scenes look from Bernice Burgos photo shoot shot by Crawley Walnuts. She needs a campaign team behind her making sure she keeps consistent content circulating on the web.

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Discussion24 Comments

  1. I got the best avatar of alltime lol.

  2. queso (The Corp) says:

    Shorty bad son no question

  3. queso (The Corp) says:

    @B Lmao u wild for that one

  4. BullnBearHP says:


  5. President Ward says:

    I’ll do her all over that beach.

  6. President Ward says:

    Sex on the beach.

  7. Mike Lowrey says:

    That might’ve made my day.

  8. President Ward says:

    Sex on the beach.

  9. President Ward says:


  10. Realtalkin says:

    She fine

  11. Realtalkin says:

    Shes fine as ever

  12. BzB says:

    she might just be underrated

  13. bighomie53 says:

    The video was nice, Bernice is naturally pretty with that nice skin tone & she thick too, what more can you ask for!!!!!!! #WP

  14. Mister Mister says:

    I don’t say this about many….but Bernice, I’d go raw….on purpose….and not pull out….
    No Shame!

  15. SCOOTYBLACK says:

    Definition of a dime

  16. DCAssLuva says:

    ill steal that from out the store

  17. Look_at_the_white_shoes says:

    She bad…I luv that skin tone.

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