Over the last year or two it seems like the eye candy in is behind the bar.. bartending or serving drinks in the club. Here is the best of behind the bar club candies of the day. Who deserves that #1 spot?

  • MoorFedayeen

    *Big Sean voice* “Oh GOD”

    • @moor, I see u at the bar in pic #4,u the only nigga in the spot still sipping on night train LOL

      • MoorFedayeen

        LOL we were just talking about that Night Train in LA Fitness cause I drunk some cheap azz Amsterdam for the first time and still feel it 2 days later. I couldn’t live sh1t in there. Never again. Stay off that bottom shelf ppl

        • @Moore hold up!!!! ain’t nothing wrong with Amsterdam. Now if ur talking about wild irish rose then yeah I’llred flag ur azz. But that’s some good shit there son. Now back to the post #4 won this one with ease. I also like the chick with the tats thats praying over her food.

  • Lol where’s @moor, didn’t we just speak on this in a earlier post. Chicks who ain’t strippers dressing a certain way because it earns them more tip money. Bartenders,waitresses,hostess(women) are all doing it….I ain’t mad at em LOL.

    • The chick in pics #4 & 5 definitely got this!! With that outfit & that body…she definitely would have all the attention at the club that night.

      • Playboy69

        @B Strait…. Nah! Pic 7 = GIRL ON FIRE at the bar it’s her RED HAIR…LOL

    • MoorFedayeen

      I’m right here lil niglet and I’m starting to notice the trend in NY; dancers that don’t dance. Can’t even lie, the girls with bodies like pic 4 just do it all the way and dance here in DET. Some of our girls that serve drinks are downright deplorable in appearance and I’ve complained about this to management before. And at best the shot girls have heavy D’s with a lil shape if anything. I’m kinda pissed cause I feel cheated living in MI

      • Go down to southbeach…you’ll love it. I saw a bartender chick down there I’ll never forget. She was a 11 LOL…..no lie.

        • MoorFedayeen

          Yea I really do think it got so saturated up here with B grade dancers due to the tight economy that a lot of Michigan strippers left for MIA, ATL or Dallas. Here’s an example of a rat I knew that got no shine up here but some how n1ggas going crazy over out of state for her. Nasty to me 🙁


          • one day we going to the clubs because i’m hearing too much about them in atl and chicago. here in new orleans has cool spots.

          • Playboy69

            @moor… She is hott! She got alot of Chocolate Model video on dailymotion…Her THICK RATCHET CHOCOLATE ASS is the Truth!

          • @moor,yeah I agree wit u LOL. She looks kinda bogus

          • MoorFedayeen

            Yo @B & Playboi Idk how many times that broad walked past me in Deja Vu and asked me if I wanted a dance and I declined. Now she ghetto gold in another state. Just goes to show what one states trash is to another state.

          • Queso (The Corp)

            Yall gotta take a trip to NY strip clubs and some bars they all lookin like this…some of the bar maids behotter than the strippers.

          • Playboy69


  • Playboy69

    Pic 7 gets GOLD, Pic 4 gets SILVER, Jeny Romero gets BRONZE!…Pic 7 got that Red hair she got that SECRET MONEII vibe…LOL!


    Pic 5 gets the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention. She’s DOPE!

    • That indeed we need a name for her. And she deserves her own post. I’ll tear dat azz up if she gave me the time.

      • lazarus


      • dusty

        her name is pricilla i forgot her twitter name

  • Pics 4 & 5 GOT DAYUM!!

  • pic 5,4,and 7 sounds about right. i see dazzle j crazy looking self lol and jeny romero was in attendance too i see.

  • lazarus

    pic 4, pic 9. Suffered a severe loss at the hands of……the Wizards. Decent pick me-up @Hahz.

  • Realtalkin

    4, 5 and 9. Lets get it

  • TYBO2020