Check out homefessional model Briana Bette straight outta Texas. She has beauty and brains with BA in Psychology & currently in school for a BS in Psychiatric Nursing. Are you feeling Briana?

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  • Scola

    I like her

  • Simba

    Badder than a final villain from a comic book!

    Damn she badd!

    • Simba

      And since she has a BA on psychology..I’d love to play mind games with her and spit game to her..see which one of us is sharper. Mental stimulation.

      Did I say she’s bad? Because damn she badd!

      • 850

        @simba yeah she’s bad blood. She’s a dime for sho!!!! Team Chocolate approves. Damn Hahz is striking it up with these chocolate stallions. Keep’em coming Hahz we’re steady collecting like the I.R.S

      • presto 2.0

        @Simba she’d chop yo azz up in a deep convo!…LMAO!

        **Briana Voice**….”So we were talking in class about behaviorial sciences…and i was debating the fact that predicting human behavior with so many variables is ridiculous….WHAT YOU THINK?

        **@SIMBA VOICE**…duh,duh,duh…Damn honeypie youz one of dem egemacated womans uh?…ya think i can borrow 20 til 2mar?…LMAO!…jus kidn fam!

        • queso BP.1


        • Simba

          Hahahahahah you had me on the floor with that!

          But for real is go in like:

          Well, first we need to establish if its a controlled environment or not, if it it is, the variables and therefore outcome can be influenced thus making the prediction of said human behavior not so “ridiculous” as you put it..

          If its not a controlled environment it becomes harder but still, if we have access to the subjects psychiatric history, the odds of predicting their behavior are greatly improved. Then again, human nature/behavior ia science that will never be mastered so I understand why you’d deem it “ridiculous”..

          *Brianna voice* “I’m put me in the mood negro..yours or mine?!”

          *presto voice* “this nicca simba get all the b!tches..he’s truly the lion ain’t fair! Where my rope at?!”

          • presto 2.0


  • MoorFedayeen

    Now that’s a real woman. Just hope she doesn’t have that “Kiss my ass because I ain’t your average BW” complex that many young black well-to-do woman have. They be single too

    • Simba


      I still give her the benefit of the doubt.

      • WHO IS REX?????


    • presto 2.0

      tru…very tru @Moor

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    She is quality wifey material I’ll take her over most of the chicks that be on here wit just super fat donks who just chasin da cheese

  • prince_kosmic

    10…10…10…10 all the way. No disputes. If you don’t think so, you don’t like chocolate women. Period. But it’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Angry_Man

      Like B Strait and crabs….lol

    • SupremeJuan

      @prince hmmmm she tight work I give her a 8.5 lol

      • prince_kosmic

        @Juan homeboy, that white miniskirt, in person, can’t possibly be below a 10…lol.

        • SupremeJuan

          @prince I feel you dogg now that I look at her I have to agree with you to a point .Seeing her in person in a miniskirt would be the bomb I can’t lie. I made a personal choice not to give anymore 10’s away ,so I will give her a 8.9 lol .Ever since my chocolate dime Bria caught whiteboy fever I aint give no more 10’s out lol.Side not sista’s like briana Bette are just the type to catch whiteboy fever something for team chocolate to think about .

  • queso BP.1

    Yea she straight

  • Tech

    Beautiful wifey. Put a baby in her cocoa beauty luv it Mann.

  • BzB

    very nice. not often you see a drop dead fine beautiful black edumacated woman.

    • MoorFedayeen

      You clearly never been on a college campus

      • BzB

        i should have clarified…i meant not often you see actually mentioned that a black “model” has the level of education she does. most of the “models” we see on here are beautiful but don’t don’t pursue college like brianna.

  • crabs

    i’m not even going to comment on the education bits cuz she is supposed to be getting her degree. not gonna praise her for doing what she is supposed to be doing.

    but she is fine and someone needs to lock it down ASAP if her mind game is as tight as her figure.

    • presto 2.0

      had to think bout dat @crabs…and that shyt is realtalk

      “to always give praise for things that should already be done anywayz”…WOW!…”they’ve” made education/gaining knowledge a privledge…and thats how “we” view it(a privledge)…so when one of us make it…they are viewed differently…colleges are Corporations and degrees are pieces of paper stating…”You have invested enuff time in a particular field”…that means my Uncle Leroy has a Doctrine in mechanical repair…LMAO!!…or i have a masters in being a father to these chaps…could go on…but **Brakes**

      …but i have to say…Presto isnt degrading the value of education…but…”it’s about the will to learn and gain knowledge…in any setting”…if you are on the “Information Super Highway”….and you are…you have a mini university at your fingertips….**Emergency Brakes**

      • crabs

        yeah i hear you presto. pursuit of knowledge doesn’t always mean a piece of paper. its been pointed out here on ANS many times (specifically by Prince Kosmic) that you can get the same education (if not better) with a library card and internet access. i agree!

        but i dont think a formal education should be a privilege. it was designed to be a right that we all have. in fact, i think it needs to be a responsibility and a duty for young black men and women. thats how other minorities view it. theres no other way that black folks can improve our situation if we dont fully participate in the ‘system’, however fixed and foul it may be. that means legitimizing our knowledge and taking the fight to the source, whether congress or corp america or education or law or non-profit etc.

        i know this is may all sound naive and sh1t but whatever… just my 2 cents on how things should work.

        • prince_kosmic

          as long as she gettin to the paper, legally. And with a touch of class and home training..lmao

  • ginoBrown

    I’m feeling her

  • ZuluPhile

    Telling yall think twice before wifin a woman with a background in psychology they will psychoanalyze everything you do, i mean everything. That shit gets annoying.

  • Nobigurls

    Like that right there. Nice arm piece!!

  • tone

    A true dime she is very nice

  • realtalkldn

    Very nice looking, great body too

  • Cold and Hot

    She bad, sexy chocolate bunny. I bet she only like the baller types though.

  • WHO IS REX?????

    Hahz do u mean a BEAUTY THAT GIVE BRAINS LOL…????????

  • paul

    damm she f#$kin gorgeous….

  • Red-Caramel City Inc.

    I Love My Chocolate Women as fine as she is I get a conceited vibe from these pics

  • cadillacgrease of BP

    i’d catch her @ super walmart having an average day and get her…..$hiid thats how i caught my last 2..

  • Origin

    This lady is a chocolate dime.

    More chocolate women please hahz.

  • visio

    Funny how nobody is talking about her weave and all that crap a lot of biased niccas on here

  • visio

    Just because she’s chocolate she gets away with wearing a weave

  • Playboy69

    Beauty + Brains = SUPERFREAK! “Young Jeezy Voice” YEAHHH!…LOL!

  • visio

    She has a weave but nobody notices because she’s chocolate serious complexion issues on here

  • Big El

    Briana Bette? I thought her name was Briana Loyd!

  • prime706

    sorry im late been working all day she a brown skin dime take a picture they hard to find.

  • visio

    I’m not disputing her beauty but niccas pick on other chicks on here about a lot of crap that’s all I’m saying there double standard

  • TYBO2020

    YEP YEP..

  • ShannelTheUgly

    She looks 30+ but nice body for average chick

  • ny dynasty

    Is this briana loyd? Or a more toned version of her, lol…