The handful of Bachelor stripper parties I been to looked pretty much like this one. Average ass dancers and niccas sitting around holding there money in there pockets like they didn’t get a invite and happen to walk into a Bachelor party. If more brothers I knew got married then I guess I would have a better story to tell.

  • firsatile

    the third pic looks Ghetto-type sexy, YA DIG

  • Swanny

    They weak as shit.

  • SHe’sAfugginLADDI

    if your gonna strip, make sure ur weave is on point and you hit the gym..i mean as a female, this aint ma shit..but i know niggas get mad as hell looking at broke down ass

  • UmBrook

    Dirty G-String booties. I wouldn’t even let those lame ass strippers in the house, they would have to strip in the garage.

  • stripper

    AHHH! i LOVE this post! omg bond? i wish you would have showed more 😉 haha! looks like you had SUCH a fun night, thanks for sharing!!


    I’ll pass on this one.Looks a tad ghetto.

  • 901 Gangsta