Why do irresponsible mothers get a pass when discussing the Baby Mama phenomenon? Is it really only about the man? And are women ever responsible for anything? Looks at Shawty Lo and the 10 women who had children with him and also mentions the case of a school girl who repeatedly punched a boy in the face in the UK.

He’s got a point and chicks do get more of an automatic pass in our modern society but he is swinging the pendulum a little too far in trying solely to blame women or these hoodrat baby mama’s for everything. I don’t fall into the woman blaming camp. I also don’t try and denigrate the black male as many people often do. Thoughts

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  • queso (The Corp)

    I couldnt get pass 40 seconds of this shi#..this is some coon azz, embarrassing shi# beyond belief..and did i hear the brady bunch music?? come on fam..then they all standing around and shi# like its funny..Queso sprints down the street holding hand out and smacks all this broads down the line including this fool!!

    • queso (The Corp)

      n obviously this nicca just nuts up in chicks indiscriminately with no regard..after the 2nd baby moms..as a female why would u even wanna be a 3rd, 4th, 5th baby moms?? is that shi# cute? im done man

  • the word “coon” comes into play with this,i don’t like using that word but that’s what it seems like i guess haha. heard shawty lo is in deep talks with oxygen on this show and its cancellation.

    • Did you even watch the video?

      • Hahz,yes i did watch the video. i’m just saying.


        Women do get passes and arent held accountable…these bishes will pop a molly but wont take birth control.

    • Bob

      Is it true that this baby mama bull with Shawty Lo is still going thru? This dude… I would stomp that nigga out… real talk. We need to be buildin strong families and nations, and this nigga out here perpetuating stereotype. Fuck that muhfucka!

    • Dam now @queso, and @Rasheed using the word “coon” too? The exact word used by hateful whites..

      1. Spit on us
      2. Beat us
      3. Raped our women when ever the felt like it.
      4. Refused to even let our race dine with them, or even drink out of the same water fountain with them until the 1960s

      I mean I can go on and on for days about who invented this word.

      We are all looking for a solution to unite as a black race, yet you call your very own people coons? Do you think this is part of the solution or part of the problem?

      There are a few people on this great blog, who use this word whenever it comes to black people. Even called our President a “coon” but now you cats choose to jump on the wagon of self hate?

      I am very surprised at you cats.

      • Bob

        Listen bruh words are words. Like the great comedian Reginald D. Hunter said and I’m paraphrasing here, “I did not make up words like nigger, the word was invented LONG before my time, now I can CHOOSE to let it upset me or not.” The problem is NOT THE WORD ITSELF, but the power to do real physical harm that backed up the word during slave and segregation times.

        Now we black folk have the power. The power to choose to be offended or not, the power to eradicate the potency of derogatory words and the vicious brutal actions that used to back up those words. NOW WE have THE POWER.

        Lets not get our priorities all f-d up because of verbiage. What matters is who has power and what is being done with that power, not guttural noises of the throat (words). And as far as I can see, the power white folk used to have has GREATLY diminished now it’s time to focus on actions and heal our black people with decisive, constructive, nation and wealth building action, regardless of the terms that we have grown used to saying, no thanks, in part to the culture.

        • Bob well stated, but I disagree with you here. The point I have been trying to make here is that if our people does some f#cked up ish, like what we seeing from shawty lo for example. There is absolutely need to call him a word that white people coined us in hate. It’s like we are accepting, and actually condoning this word like this gives us some kind of connect with these racists.

          Like “see masta, I’m s no like this ni##er here, I’ms a much better than hiim massta he be a coon.”

          But news flash my people.. To those racists biatches it don’t matter if you shawty lo, or colin powell. 2 Chains or MLK, you are still a “coon” to them so why give that word even more power by turning on your own people?

          I know I am fighting a losing battle here on this blog. But I will continue to stand up for my people. Internet or real life. we have to start small, and maybe..just maybe some of you cats can at least think about what “coon” or “jiggaboo” means and respect our own kind, like the other races do.

          • presto 2.5

            Do dat shyt @One…spit your facts homie…as i’ve said before…

            “If you influence one person…your truths are not spoken in vain…prest is the main one that “Fights” losing battles on ANS” …but who gives a shyt…while others sit on the sideline..we are the ones in the battlefield…tryn to encourage change within our youth and culture…but muthafukas will try they best to dispute the facts…instead of acknowledging it…but dont stop what you do fam…cause someones listening…even the ignorant azz Moorfeen’s of the world cant ignore the facts…they jus try to justify…

            @One…an ANS Activist

          • Bob

            Oneslug my brutha I have fought this battle of what black people should and should not say and it is a lost battle. All I am saying if we get our acts together these words will naturally lose their potency and meaning. I cannot prevent a man from speaking the word much less thinking the word, specially when they surrounded by folk who use the term. Like Ice Cube said in relation to the n-word “the genie is out of the bottle, aint nothin we can do about that now”.

            What I will and can do is change a man action, show him how to build strong finances and education and values and clean up and filter his toxic environment (the ghetto). After that I guarantee his very words will change. But tryin to get black folk to JUST STOP is a lost battle.

          • MoorFedayeen

            YEAAAAAAA, Oh le do it, Oh le do it…YEAAAAAA, COON ish I influence Aye, I influence…

            But naw @Prest cake azz just can’t seem to keep my name off his lame azz points on political post. N1ggas ride with me for a reason even if you don’t understand and they even using my slang now.

            *Pumps fist to @Queso, @Raheed. You n1ggas #TC’s deep down. I just know it. Salute

          • @prest Ha Ha yeah I guess I am the “ANS Activist”. I appreciate the words fam. Just following your lead by dropping real jewels on these cats. They just don’t know that this little bit of ish we doing on this blog is helping somebody to see how a real black man should carry himself.

            @Bob I feel you 100% on the losing battle. Not just on this blog, but I roll up on these young scraps in the hood doing nothing in their life, and try to motivate. They pretend to listen, at least they show me that respect, but they still out on those blocks when I come through, so they not taking heed.

            You said “if we get our acts together these words will naturally lose their potency and meaning” you are spot on with this statement, we just differ on opinion as to what “getting our act together means” We both are correct, we just got different routes on how we doing it. And even though it’s a lost battle, may even seem like a small issue to some, but I think about that young impressionable scrap that comes on here seeing “coon” and “jiggaboo” being stated like it’s a natural thing for our people to be saying, and I just feel like it’s the right thing to do to speak up and say that ish ain’t cute or entertaining, and we should dead it all together. This way they can see the other side of that coin y’know?

  • TruDat

    Ignent “Nigga” ISH. SMH

    One Love

  • BzB

    the women don’t get an automatic pass, but they don’t always know the whole truth either. lots of dudes aren’t straight up about how many kids they have by other women. the only person that really knows is the man.

    you’re not saying that shawty lo told all his baby mama’s (that sounds ridiculous by the way) that he had x amount of other baby mamas before he got them pregnant? it might not have mattered but still…

    • presto 2.5


  • jayevans20

    Hell naw these woman don’t get a pass. One of the main reasons I don’t date a woman with kids. Period.

  • BzB

    and real talk….how do you raw dog all them chicks anyway? in this day and age, that’s just some dirty sh1t. a lot of these chicks don’t look the cleanest either. just saying…

  • Shaunyc

    Society and science have given women the ability to choose whether or not they want to reproduce after the act of sex. Because of that no woman is the victim in a situation like this. Men have an equal responsibility, but these women choose their lives, a mans choices stop as soon as he nuts.

  • Ricky Fontane

    *long sigh* Its crazy that people ( especially black people ) will support this buffoonery. Smh. Show like this will always prosper because making black people famous by making them look ignorant and classless has become the “thing” to do now. Some shit we need to say no to. But hey! Its all good cuz they gettin paid right? At least they’re not on the block sellin coke right? Smh. Why no just throw in some watermelon and “red” kool aid and this show will be complete.

  • Ricky Fontane

    Also to speak on the vid. I do agree with certain parts. Women should be more responsible when it comes to pregnancies. I’ve been with several chicks sexually and it seemed like if I didnt pull out a rubber they wouldn’t have said anything, they would have just let me smash raw I’m like damn. But I’m proud to say as a 26 year old black man with NO kids, l’m last of a dying breed.

    • Bob

      >”But I’m proud to say as a 26 year old black man with NO kids, l’m last of a dying breed.”

      Good for you! But iI gottta say you aint the last of a dying breed cause I also practice safe sex, on the real. Fuck whatcha heard about the condom gettin the way! It feel better to me with the condom!


  • MoorFedayeen

    Men are the leadership in every community in all civilizations so they must be addressed first. Sounds extreme but wreckless breeders like Shawty Lo need to be castrated. It cuts the problem off at the root and serves as a stern reminder, example, to others that may attempt the same behavior. Problem solved.

    These woman Shawty has came from men that had and left them or fatherless himes. A woman or little girls first relationship with a man is her relationship with her father. If that father walks out on her then she will expect the men in her life to do the same, consider it normal, thus the cycle has begun. I don’t look at woman as my equal because they aren’t. If there is a breakdown in leadership, 100% of the blame falls on ME, the man.

    • Bob

      Although I sense some sexist undertones to yo comment, everything you said bout the leadership is some real ish. We gotta build strong peoples NOW so by the next 400+ years black folk can takeover the world and make up for all the time and potential lost to slavery and racism.

      • MoorFedayeen

        No potential has been really lost. These devils know deep down who they are and what we are. I am a tad sexist, I’ll admit with no apologies. I flat out don’t see woman as an equal, not even my own mother or grandmother, yet they still come first.

        • Bob

          Word. I feel you. I’m all for women having rights, but when they think they can be physically equal to a man then that ish be gettin type dumb. They may be able to match the smarts, but they aint matchin the muscle fiber. LOL

          I be tellin some bishes (I don’t view all women that way most women are good sweet people) to sit dey ass down, they aint got that upper body strength. LOL!

    • too_funny

      @ricky …. Ur not the last of a dying!!!!! U either dont want kids yet (or non at all) or u havent found a woman to have ur kids.

      Ur acting like u dodged a bullet from sleeping around recklessly. Now if ur were in a serious relationship the u might already have a child or be considering it. ….so ur not lucky ur a grown azz man that made a decision not to have kids yet so u strap up.


        @too funny…right! Cause im pregnant with my first child at 30 which was planned. As a grown woman I was getting it in but being responsible about it.

        • MoorFedayeen

          Much congrats on the little one and I hope I didn’t offend you @Scooty.

          • SCOOTYBLACK

            @Moor thank you and no Im not offended. I let my fiance know all the time I need him to be the head of household and to make certain decisions because I grew up in a two parent house hold and my day was the true meanin g of PATRIARCH!

          • SCOOTYBLACK


  • The video is the truth

  • I remember back in the day, Granddad would married grandma and have all his kids with her. Build a family. Maybe 1 or 2 outside kids. Now its an awful sight to see x amount of babies moms from 1 dude. I agreed with no show for Lo. Hell, cancel Teen Moms too. Women need to stop thinking that getting preggo frm a rapper, actor, or a man with $$$, They’re set for life. GET OFF YOUR ASS HO AND DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE!!!

  • HAR125LEM

    The men are supposed to be the responsible caretakers in society. With black men especially since the 60’s they have pretty much been emasculated and regulated to be the dregs of society. The black community is now matriarchal with black women along with the government largely taking over responsibility for raising our young boys and young girls.

  • ICE

    nice..he made good points..

  • Big Rube

    To be truthfully frank.

    Women can be convinced to buy more dumb sh1t with a simple song and dance whether the make 100k/yr or if the get a government check of $500 a month.

    Soap/cleanser, makeup, hair care products, food, weight loss sh1t and everything else.

    Of course women (en masse) won’t watch or listen or read media that exposes their faults, defects and shortcomings.

    The only thing targeted to men are cars, razors, banking, beer and shit to get your dick hard.

  • Ricky Fontane

    @toofunny Point taken. I’m just pointing out the fact that there are men of my age who either choose not to or who just don’t want kids right now. When it comes to kids people do have a choice. Not to say if ur a teen parent or had kids at an early age u aint shit I’m not sayin that. Its all about responsibility.

  • Ricky Fontane

    Also to speak on the last of a dying breed statement I made. It wasn’t literally. I kno that their are men my age who don’t have kids I just said that meaning its hard to find nowadays. Sheesh!

  • Jamez

    if u on that sexist mess then i feel sorry for u cause u havent met a REAL woman. Anyway im joining this dying breed as well cause im 23 and i swear 85% of the girls from high school are pregnant. yea i have my back ‘fun’ but i am RESPONSIBLE. the messed up part is these girls nowadays DONT WANT the man around so they can get they checks and end up gettin they own spot ( and some got the nerve to look at you crazy if you dnt got you a spot). SOME of my friend got married but thats on 5% and the other 10% are single. Is it really too much to be on birth control?