The funny @Dormtainment returns with another heeeeee—–larious video called A** On The Internet.

You can buy their album, “Broke and Famous”——–> here.


  • WildWild

    LOL… That was pretty dope… Nice thought was put into that.. they could’ve had some fattier phatties in their but overall nice vid

  • Tim

    This was catchy and funny at the same time Girl shorty who came in the room would get it! Love chicks thick like that with shape!

  • Tim

    thick chick at 1:20!

  • chick at the beginning and at 1:20 could get fed.

    • queso (The Corp)

      I hope u aint talkin bout that one comin out that room wit the hat on..LOL

      • WildWild

        AHahahahahahahaaa… I’m looking like who where she

  • truthspeaker

    Creative.. but, just imagine what young black people could do if they put the same amount of energy into something constructive.

    • Asad


    • r3llim

      I see what you’re saying but honestly these kids were only focused on making something people can laugh and enjoy. And I’m sure many of them are good kids. If any young black people need to put their energy on something constructive it’s muthafuckas like Chief Keef and the wannabes like him or these athletes that will spend $20K to have sex with some slobbish white whore that will put your business on blast. James Harden could have used that $20K to have sex with at least 6 of the girls in this video (including the first chick. Damn she was sexy with those tatoos and chewing that gum).

      P.S. This video and others by Dormtainment are funnier than 90% of the shit shown on Loiter Squad. Tyler the Creator’s shit sucks ass compared to this. And at least these dudes have some decent to bad sistas on thier skits instead of harad looking skinny white chicks. Had to mention another fail on rich/ celebrity black men sadly.

  • Playboy69

    That BIG GIRL can get…FACE DOWN & ASS UP and I will spread it like Mustard…LOL!

  • Big Jon

    They bout to get paid off this joint. They’re album isn’t bad.

  • EEEWWWWWWo o.O THE BIIIG 1 YU NAASSSTYY she built lke a bby garbgcan thruk lmmfatfo

  • MoorFedayeen

    They get an A but these cats always come with hot funny stuff. They had a gang of broads in there.