Three weeks ago, Avery Johnson was named the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month in November.  Today he is no longer the coach of the BK Nets. Makes little sense..ya I know.



  • Calm down youngin,ur dad is a grown man. He,can handle this situation on his own without his son speaking on it. Plus his son needs to learn that “our” & “are” r 2 different things LOL. I understand its his dad but everyone doesn’t need to speak on it..just avery! #only on twitter

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      Let that young man vent, B! He is supposed to stick up for his dad. He made valid points, wasn’t going off half-cocked. He is the one that will hear snide remarks from his peers.

      • yeah,let that boy cook! thing is,avery johnson will have a job somewhere else soon trust me. the nets are a good team and they have some skilled guys but miami runs the east.

        • President Ward

          @Lateef that’s true! GO HEAT!!!

  • DCAssLuva

    they exceptions was too high just because u in a new city wont change the fact that its not alot of talent on the team

    • Tony Money

      how old are u? its expectations not exceptions lmao

      • bighomie53


  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    IN the NBA the inmates run the asylum , because unlike any other sport, one player can change the whole dynamics of a team. This would never ever happen in the NFL

    DERON WILLIAMS has had lengendary coach Jerry Sloan fired now he crying in Brooklyn and got ol boy fired, aint saying avery was a genuis but they couldnt let homie finish the year

    • President Ward

      And Chris Paul be cryin’ too. He got Byron Scott fired back with the New Orleans Hornets.


    At the end of the day they are the NETS

    • Southwestern


  • edo

    Its that Deron Willams, his bitch ass was behind it. Same shit he did in Utah with the Jazz