T-Pain called Hot 93.7 for a quick interview with Big Rigg taking more shots at Future and we have the interview inside.

He started talking about working with Country artists and making his return to Hip Hop. Then the topic of the conversation turns to Future and his use of Auto-Tune. T-Pain says that even though Future is writing great songs, he doesn’t understand the technology behind Auto-Tune and doesn’t know how to use it. Finally, he talks about his upcoming album “Stoicville” and his new single ‘Come And Get It’ featuring Busta Rhymes and Ace Hood.


  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    I rarely talk down on people unless they deserve it , especiall a FLORIDA NICCA , because i aint a hater, But T-PAIN need to sit his jolly azz down somewhere.

    Future makes hits , regardless of what he feels he still has a fan base.

    ALSO FYI ROGER TROUTMAN R.I.P was not using autotunes but basically that pitch effect way before t-pain decided to fool with it in his parents basement.

    Honestly TPAIN did not invent nor was he the first to use the computer autotune effect, infact he admitted that he heard the singer Cher and then he bite the style.

    Think about it, how lame can you be to diss someone for using an effect to hide musical abilities. Thats like LIP SYNCing singer calling out another non singer.

    Tpain sit down, who you really need to be going at is JAYZ for putting a dent in your career.

  • Greg4422

    man sit yo ass down somewhere

  • ginoBrown

    T-pain just salty, how u gonna try an diss Future when he is making hits and was man enough 2 step up and use auto-tune despite of what others might say(including hypocrite Jay-Z who made a diss song about it even though his boy made a all auto-tune album) but anyway what T-pain should do is take the opportunity 2 try an revive his career now that auto-tune seems 2 be making a slight comeback instead of sitting on ymcmb’s bench sounding like a envious washed up crybaby.