It’s 2011 a new year which calls for all new reviews of all the most visited Atlanta clubs,lounges and strip clubs. We went to Onyx strip club on one of the most popular nights Saturday which from the outside you would of thought it was a night club with a artist performing based off the parking lot alone. It was $40 to park in front of the club,$20 on the curb and $10 across the street from the building and spaces were limited at 11:30.

The door charges was $10 dollars and when you walked in the building it was already packed to capacity full of men,women and about 50+ dancers. Depending on the week you can see some famous faces chillin’ in there and every Saturday you will see some of the baddest strippers in the city dancing. If you ever been to Magic City strip club on a Monday night picture that 2x and that will describe Onyx. As picky as I am am when it comes to strippers I dance with physically off hand I couldn’t remember any that looked like they weren’t worth a $10 dance.

Speaking of lap dances like Magic City the girls will squeeze more dances out of you then got if you don’t confirm with them that y’all are on the same page. Example after you hear the 3rd song you have to ask them this is the 3rd RIGHT? to get a clear understanding that you ain’t slow and are paying attention or else after 7 dances she will try to tell you it was 9 with a atti*ude ready to make a big scene. This goes on a lot if they think your from out of town and ain’t hip to this TRICK. It’s so common the security is hip to it so don’t think them calling security to help with y’all debate is going to end with you winning. With all that said I GOT GOT that night with a stripper I was trying to smash before she started dancing years back so I gave her a charity dance and let my guard down and didn’t confirm with her I knew how to count to 10.

Other than that specific incident I enjoyed myself and so did my peoples I was in there with. I would recommend going to Onyx strip club Saturday night over all the other to do options that night. Shouts out to Big Kuntry King

I wanna hear your Onyx strip club experiences or feedback in the comment section and what clubs are you interested in me doing a review on next.

  • Will

    I think the only thing I have a ? on is does this place do contact lap dances? Some ATL spots are “air” dance only…I know when I attempted to roll in this spot, there was some “special” event and the parking fees turned me off…its hard to break off more than $30-40 before you’ve even had a chance to view a dancer…I usually stick to hood spots…it would be good to know if the downtown spots are hittin’ these days (Goosebumps, M-City)

    • blackmanofsteel40

      Mane I feel ya, I’m from Detroit and I’ll take a nice secluded hood spot any day over this over-hyped mess that goes on here. You see in the small hood spot, you can go in…sip on some brews without pressure, get a 20 min convo wit a chick without paying her rent, and probably smash right then and there if you wanna pony up a couple c-notes. Muthalovers here wanna go to the strip club to be seen.

      But I will admit, there a lot of bad bitches here !!!….Cause ninjas be trickin like they light bill ain’t due next week !!! lol.

      All my ninjas who know about the D know what I’m talking about when I say the Hustler club or any of the Starvin Marvins !!!

    • GA laws women can’t be butt naked and give contact with lap dances.. some club managers are stricter then others. If 30 is to much for parking you could of parked across the street for 10 or drove around the club for a couple minutes until you found so free sh1t and risked your car getting broken in to.

      • Will

        Yeah…I keep forgetting about GA law, so its best not to post too much info…with the parking, I feel you on that…its always a risk…some areas you can scout and tell its not that bad of a hood…others its better to pay…in most cases (with possible exception of valet), the risk is the same, since even if u pay and get broke into the venue is not responsible…the money is just privilege to park…

        • ThatGuy

          That’s not exactly true. In some instances, the venue can definitely be held responsible if you pay to park. And you can surely hold them responsible if you valet.

          • Will

            That’s the exception (valet-which someone is around regardless), not the rule…most clubs…whether nightclub or stripclubs…if they charge you to park, its only for that…the smart clubs even have a sign posted that they are NOT responsible for theft, damage etc…which includes lost or theft in their club…a really good lawyer might know the loopholes for this.

            If you park across the street from an establishment or the furthest point of parking lot, is anyone really watching ur car?

            Heck, even Mickey Mouse in Orlando held up his sign saying Not Responsible as I was being charged the $14

            The best analogy I can think of: Your paying mortage (its not your house) or rent at an apt…if someone breaks into your car in their parking lot or driveway (technically you don’t own it yet), is the mortgage company or rental place responsible? Happened on their property, right? Either need a J Cochran or proof that the establishment directly broke into your car…

            Have nsurance and park at your own risk…regardless if you paid…

  • The Truth

    I used to fukc a dancer who worked there. She dance in Chicago now.

    • Will

      There ain’t too many places she could dance on the regular in Chi…the only regular place is Arnies…the next spot is in Gary, IN…of course, she could be doing smthing underground…

      • hodgeprt

        Ah yes Will u r talkn bout Temptations in the G. No drinks but its all we got. But Arnies is the spot

        • Will

          No doubt, playa…been thru Temptations a few times (formerly Black Cherri)…of course I left out all the primarily white clubs thru Chicagoland…she could work at one of those, in which case there are plenty to choose from but you’d neva find me in those lame spots…

  • phinds01

    Do all new reviews on some of the new spots. And reviews on lounges, clubs, and of course the strip clubs. Also tell how were the drinks. And with the clubs and lounges tell what kinds of women that were in the club hoodrats, bougie, or mixed. Love the excellent review on Onyx.

  • ed

    I never been but from what I read, it doesn’t sound like a place I want to visit either. Nothing turns me off faster than trying to claim I owe for 3 dances when I just wanted 1.

    Maybe the $40 parking and entrance fee is to deter the broke knuckleheadz which I may find to be a good thing. But reality is, cats may be disappointed because as Will indicated, the place may be so overhyped that the women act too high post and too many dudes are walking around.

    I would have given this club that high of a rating – my most optimal rating would be for a club that is low-key, low-cost and you can get more out of the money you spend there as my criteria.

    • ed

      Correction – I would not have given Onyx that high of a rating because being in a crowded strip club makes no sense whatsoever..

  • scoot

    heard its off the hook

  • Can any of y’all tell me in a city that’s has a 30 women to one man dudes is going to the strip club

  • Fuck this club

    Ths a horrible Club I was there visiting atl on 5/26/2012 and went here its nasty security Guards hate on you when u get to much attention from the girls the big black bald head one told me I had to leave and got made cause I was taken pics of with the girls Thay didn’t mind I guess cause I was thrown out more money than he made he tried to delete my pics and didn’t know how to work my simple lil iPhone but I still got them in my phone on a hidden app dumb ass every was beefn wit each other the whole night I should’ve listen to my peps Thay told me about the place I had a better time a MAGIC CITY!!!!!!!!!

  • Beaut

    How old do you have to be to get into Onyx