Two things well known in Atlanta is it’s hard to find a job and your home/car has a high chance of getting broken into to. Today, the FBI announced that violent crime dropped 4% in 2011, compared to a 5.5% drop in 2010. Nationally, the murder rate fell 1.9% from 2010, and robbery, forcible rape and assault fell 4% each. However, among the cities with the highest violent crimes rates, the trend is not entirely positive.

A 24/7 Wall St. review of 2011 FBI crime data shows that violent crime rose in more than half of the cities that have
among the highest rates in the country. In seven of the 10 cities, murder rates increased. In eight of the 10, burglary went up.

Strained budgets are forcing police layoffs that many cities cannot afford to make. More than half of local police departments that responded to a national survey reported cuts in the 2011 fiscal year, according to the Police Executive Research Forum, an organization of police executives from across the country. Many are cutting police forces through planned layoffs and attrition.

More than half of the cities with the highest violent crime rates are cutting law enforcement budgets and police forces as well. However, unlike the national picture, the situation is worse for these cities, which depend on tax bases that are shrinking faster than most.

10. Stockton, Calif.
9. Baltimore, Md.

8. Atlanta

Compared to most American cities, Atlanta has extremely high incidences of both violent and property crimes. The city’s 8.27 aggravated assaults per 1,000 people is one of the 10 highest rates among the country’s largest cities, as is the city’s 70.84 property crimes per 1,000 people. Atlanta also has one of the nation’s highest rates of motor vehicle theft, with a total of 5,371 incidents in the city last year. Vehicle theft likely will remain an issue throughout 2012 as well; in March almost 100 individuals were arrested as part of a single auto theft operation.

Violent crimes per 1,000: 14.3
Population: 425,533
2011 murks: 88
Median income: $41,631
Unemployment rate:12.1%

7. Birmingham, Ala.
6. Little Rock, Ark.
5. Memphis, Tenn.
4. Oakland, Calif.
3. St. Louis, Mo.
2. Detroit, Mich.
1. Flint, Mich.

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  • DCAssLuva

    wow!! dc not in the top 10 thats shocking as hell the new mayor and the new police chief got strict as hell

  • jamar

    legalize weed so people can chill the phuck out.


    Also in Atlanta the crime and murder rate be hidden easily because metro Atlanta is separated into several different cities and counties for instance Clayton county had the nations number 3 murder rate a few years ago and year college park had the one of the nations highest crime rates all these rates are relative and divided by the population so some bigger populations may hv more murders but these small suburban cities hv higher rates, if you watch the news in atlanta you will see a murder in ATL,dekalb co,east point college pk,Cobb co,Clayton county,gwinnett co,plus all the different cities within the different counties everyday but all these stats are seperate and not used for the city of ATL murder rate and that’s how they hide crime here but a lot of people don’t know that.

    • blackmanofsteel40

      +1 !

  • Charlie Swagga


  • Southwestern

    It’s alarming that Atlanta is much larger than most of the other top 10 cities, but nothing new. I’m born and raised and pretty much numb to the news. There’s twice as much crime that goes unreported. Wtf you gonna do except look out for yourself and property as best you can. Living far away from ignint nuhs is the best thing you can do though, but it’s tricky when there’s $800,000 homes right down the street from Section 8 in Southwest.

    • S.W.ATL MADE

      These days u can get it anywhere from a big city to a small town thats why no matter where I travel I respect the rules of wherever I may be and never talk down on nobody no matter where it is..

      • MoorFed

        Swat that’s always been the case. No one is exempt for extreme violence. I just left the north eastern district of Detroit, the most violent part of the city and I’m good (no pistol on me or nothing). These murders aren’t always a bad thing. Many times the victims did things to deserve it. Harsh but true.

        • A moor what part of detroit u from i stay on the eastside between forest and canfield.

          • MoorFedayeen

            I94 and Cadiux, Moross, Morang, Houston Whittier area. 20 yrs over here. Things have changed a lot.

  • terryplease aka @jYmbond

    Dese list is phony. No 504… read da papers. I wish home was gettin better.

  • Daz

    Where’s Chicago?

    • REX REDBONES!!!!!


    • Know’a’thing’or’2

      My thoughts exactly, This Article is totally flawed cause niggas get murked everyday in the wind!

      • Buuurrrdddeee

        Chicago is huge and segregated. What happens in Englewood. Pilsen, 100s, Austin, Lawndale and My Fair EastSide is pretty much self contained. More people stay in areas that dont have these problems

  • dusty

    atlanta stay loosin both gay city and a murder city! also i see comments bragging about murder captials!its lame and most of these city are filled with black people so go figure! blacks stay loosin

    • MoorFedayeen

      Blacks just don’t stay losing. They also stay f*cking your white woman and taking their money. Fvck outta here

      • dno

        SMH, why do black ppl stay braggin about getting white women–it is the ultimate sign of self hate.

  • juice

    man im fixin to move to atlanta and i didnt know this… the last thing i want to do is be around ignorance. I moved to college park but i came back.. seem like an okay neighborhood but idk. im not suprise 205 on this bitch tho… everyday somebody (black) did something stupid… ayo can anyone of you atl ppl tell me where a safe place to go???

    • kingtutman

      it depends on your income, race, and if you have family or not… whats your situation?

      • juice

        it just me.. im black

  • chijizzle

    man 88 people killed doesn’t seem like much im from Chicago its normally like 400 a year but it wont make this list because its a big city, but most of the crime happens on one side of town which is the black side of town, sad that most of these cities on this list are black we have to do better my people smh

  • MisterMidas

    Wwhhaatt, as much as they got Dallas on First 48, Im surprised we aint in the top 3 lol. I knew Memphis and Detroit had to be on there though, those are the other 2 top shown cities on that show lol. But Im shocked Atl is on there though….must be an increase of faggots runnin around tryna azz rape everybody now or something.


    What my city the 504 didnt make a negative list. That has to be a first.

  • desolation

    look if you’re city didnt make the list why even cry about it. living in a place where someone gets murked everyday aint something to broadcast . Celebrate the good in your city not the bad.

  • BzB

    Making this list isn’t something to be proud of. My property value is damn near half of what it used to be…this is one of the hardest cities to find a job…. the public schools suck…jack boys running wild…anyone think they can slang…lots of people from Katrina came here only to find out they aren’t better off…

    Back in the late 90s and early 00s atl was the sht, affluent blacks, huge transportation hub, lots of high earning jobs, city was on the up and up.

    This is such a huge metro area that you can find good spots, it’s just that they’re surrounded by sucky areas. If I could get out of my house without taking a huge hit I would move to another part of the city in a split second.

  • Little Rock Arkansas on here not surprising we a small city but it goes down down here killing everydsy not to be bragging cus dat aint whats up

  • Solomon

    Atlanta is one of the most non-dangerous cities ever. I live in Atlanta and I know… don’t even know who gathered this BS information!