Atlanta Dyme Of The Day : Tomika Skanes

· February 8, 2010

Atlantadymes latest update features Tomika Skanes in part two of her se*y Suitcase shoot from there Revue volume one series! Tomika Skanes is a dyme and some change there isn’t to many models that can compete with her in the looks department. A little to much airbrushing in these pictures makes Tomika look like she has a prosthetic leg.

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  1. Cold and hot says:

    Finally a Dyme of the Day with some ass, good job my dude. She a sexy lil Blasian mami.

  2. Reek says:

    my personal fav wish she took more pictures,she is flawless

  3. BlackLondoner says:


  4. 4REAL says:


  5. Exclusive says:

    Flawless Beauty

  6. balaramesh says:

    this is a real dime. not just a chick with a nice frame.

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