Ashley Zee Got That Sugar! (Video)

· June 9, 2014

Ashley Zee is looking very lick able these day and ANS Wolfpack may want to taste more of her sugar


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  1. Daaaaaaaaaamn pic #2 and that bonus made this post A -1

  2. MoorThugRelated says:

    “Yea I love the skrippers…”

    • presto 2.5 says:

      You are a skrippas worst nightmare…

      “A thirsty broke nicca”

      they take one look at them dusty Tims and that 2 tone chain filled wit cubic zarconies….and laugh hysterically

      and who the fuk wears doo-rags wit dollar signs all over it anymore?

      foh MoorFeen

      • MoorThugRelated says:

        U kno how many hoez I done pulled out them titty bars and smashed? And I stay in touch but I never go back to top ever again and that’s a true story.

        • MoorThugRelated says:

          *to tip ever again.

        • Boy u damn lie @moor-#$. Any #$ can get online and portray himself as a ladies man, #$a we know u lying. We getting @oneslug to do the investigation

          How much u pay them titty bar h*es? U ain’t smash off ya weak game u probably shot at em

          • MoorThugRelated says:

            N1gga I come to the A and do that sh1t too n#$%. Hoes just like new N#$# especially out of towners. Ain’t paying for sh1t but the liquor and room, that I’m already staying in…kush if she smoke. @OneSlug b1tch ass would get smoked. I’m out!

      • Lol @presto

        “Broke & thirsty”

        This clown nigga @mooron hissing like a cat nowdays @presto smh, a damn shame. S/O to @oneslug for keeping that foot up @mooron’s a$$


        • MoorThugRelated says:

          @B Straight B1tch @OneSaltySlug would get a slug if he ever met up with me which is why he won’t show up even when I tell him what spots I be at at night.

          • Lol u ain’t hot’n nobody @mooron, @oneslug ain’t got time to street hop after yo lil azz.

          • MoorThugRelated says:

            Put up or shut up doe. I tell that fuq n1gga where I’m at plenty times. Why keep talkin sh1t on the net…cause I Lil JoJo is azz, that’s why.

          • OneslugManagement says:

            @straight you know this fruit cake @moor is a fraud who I exposed like 30 times already Ha ha.

            He on here looking to be ANYTHING other then who he is in real life.

            #$a who get pussi
            In shape

            He’ll do anything to escape his reality.

  3. queso (The Corp) says:

    First video had my head all tilted over and shi#….yea I’d take her down!

    • @queso &@red

      man yall gotta check this out!!

      I don’t know why @hahz don’t show her love on ans *shrugs*

      • queso (The corp) says:

        @B got dayum son….did u ever see her naked vid?

      • Cakes(overtime) says:

        Bstrait that chick is an attention whore one of the worst kinds….she’s the kind who pretend to post things about one thing but somehow their azz always seems to get involved its really sickening and pathetic…she talks about puppies her butts in the video talking about money she’s half naked butt in the air girl bye

        • But @cakes, she’s ideal for ans though lol. She drops new pics likes she deelishis & irene. She love showing her ass & titties, so why shouldn’t she get posted more on ans???….just saying

          • Cakes(overtime) says:

            I guess so but pics only we dont want to hear what they have to say or think…. that was a major factor in the downfall of your other friend Ol whats her face Jenkins when we started seeing the person behind the pics it was an ugly shallow sight

          • @cakes, girl stop. And for the record what was ugly and shallow about portia? She only cleared up all them hating a$$ rumors yall drop about her

          • Cakes(overtime) says:

            Its not rumors when it comes straight from the horse’s mouth but I guess youre blinded by the booty *shrugs im not trying to convince you if you haven’t seen it you never will

        • queso (The corp) says:

          @Cakes they all do that shi# ma

        • queso (The corp) says:

          @Cakes they all do that shi# ma

          • Cakes(overtime) says:

            Oh really well why on earth do people follow these big headed chicks …nevermind thats a dumb question…I dont have those things like twitter,instagram ish like that so I don’t really get the appeal whenever someone puts a link toone of these girls the little bit I see is so obnoxious

      • MoorThugRelated says:

        Keep flashing bread like that and she gonna have them n1ggas at her soon as she go open that car door. #TC lurkin

  4. MGC Red says:

    What her feet look like?

  5. President Ward says:

    She do porn?

  6. Cakes(overtime) says:

    I always thought Ashley was cute and sexy but she never gets any hype i always wondered why not? she would be in the Miracle,Lira, weight class and to me kills them in the looks department….

    Im starting to assemble my squad I have my favorite
    all natural-Maliah
    Girl-next-door/bop- Ashley Zee
    Ratchet- Lanipop
    Mgc- ??

  7. MGC Red says:

    @Cakes your all natural slot is for …

    wait for it………………………………………….PORTIA

  8. Big ALbert says:

    She is bad.

  9. downbydariver says:

    I’d werk..,

  10. Kevin Jones says:

    She gets a capital Hell Yes!$!

  11. 828heffe says:

    WOW… baby is COLD

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