This news story sounds like something from the movie “Oceans 11” or the “The Italian Job”.

The robbers were armed with machine guns and did not shoot or injure anyone. . It also only took the burglers five minutes to recover the jewels. And, all in all, the entire operation took just 11 minutes. Their getaway car? Immediately torched. From the WSJ:

Eight masked men with machine guns held the ground staff, crew and passengers at gunpoint as they forced security workers to open the plane’s cargo door. The men selectively removed at least 120 packets of diamonds, Ms. Van Wymersch said. The vehicles then sped away. No shots were fired and nobody was hurt in the theft, she said.

[Prosecutor Ine] Van Wymersch declined to place a value on the stolen gems. Another person familiar with the events said the jewels are worth at least $350 million.

“It was well-prepared and very professional,” said Ms. Van Wymersch. “The whole operation took just a few minutes.”

One vehicle was later found thoroughly burned and “was probably used” in the theft, Ms. Van Wymersch said. “At this stage of the investigation, everything is still possible.”


  • presto 2.5

    Nicccceee!….Probably an inside job

  • me

    where was this?

  • 1luv

    Yea a inside job to the max. They better not get greedy and foolish with the money.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Hope them n1ggas that hit that lick was black. Sound like something #TC militants would pull.

  • I saw this story on the news. I think it was $50 million tho not 350. Anyway it’s still a huge lick and had to be a inside job