Are Women More Insecure Than Men?

· December 11, 2013

Written by Portia Jenkins

ARE WOMEN MORE INSECURE THAN MEN, OR ARE THE MEN? what do you think? what’s your answer? well let’s compare the two. We will start with the MAN… Since the beginning of time Men have always had the role of being the provider.

He is to always provide for his woman and family at any given cost. Now back several years ago this was a stressful job,  it is very much stressful today but with even more pressure, do to today’s demand’s from women also competing with other successful men. In this new generation if a man does not have money 9 out of 10 a woman is not interested in him. He could treat her like a queen with kind words, back rubs etc it’s still not good enough, because if he does not buy her nice gifts, help her out with bills etc MOST women aren’t looking at him as someone she can be with long term. She is probably not even taking him serious and has lost interest in him quick. So with this kind of pressure to catch the attention of a woman a man may go out and put his freedom also his life in danger just to upgrade his status. Or he will pretend to have money just to attract a certain women’s attention. This is like playing with FIRE because once she realizes he lied about what he had a woman is completely turned off and has lost all respect for the man. Wow That is a mans biggest possible insecure issue (his status and money).

You see because a lot of women don’t care about a mans looks as long as he has money  (sad truth).

Now lets move on to the woman, Now several years ago a woman may have had insecurity’s but they have nothing on today’s women. You see a woman never had the role of being a provider, rather she was poor or a queen of egypt, her job was to raise the children and stand by her man. To support his decisions, take care of him se*ually and pretty much she was worry free. But today’s woman has a physical pressure, Because of rap songs, what the media says is beautiful or a (DIME) A lot of men expect all women to have big breast a small waist and a big bu**. Hmmm now how is this even possible? most women are not Naturally built like that it has always been just a few here and there.

Even the late Mailyn Monroe was rare back in her time because of her beauty and curvy body. She had a body that even alot of the black actress did not have back in those times. This is another reason why men went crazy over her, she was known for her curvy body. Plastic surgery was not at it’s all  time high back then, It was something that alot of women may have wanted to do but were to ashamed to get it done. Now in days women are so pressured to have this body they will do anything to get it. Spend tons of money they really don’t have just to compete with the woman that was born with it. Why? Because they see how men treat her, how they adore her, how they are willing to spend money on her, She is the cool female that ever man/ even some women lol want’s a piece of.

By doing all this just to stand out alot of women have lost their lives, or have been left with ugly scars mentally and physically. Then lets talk about how men claim to only like LIGHT SKIN women smdh. You see this on twitter, instagram, magazines, You hear it come out a man’s mouth, You hear this in Rap songs by you favorite rapper.

This is by all means sad and it takes US right back to the slavery days smdh, I have heard & seen men say this and I KNOW ALL OF YOU HAVE TO unless you have been living under a rock all your life, that they will take a light skin female over a brownskin female any day of the week. Or they think light skin females look better than brown skin females no matter what. REALLY?? I am a light skin Woman  here to tell you as you have seen me say on my TWITTER even in interviews several times that I have seen far more Beautiful Brownskin women in my life time then light skin woman. So why people always put lighter women on a pedestal is beyond me.

My sister @ashlee_ray is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, I have been saying this for years!!1 and most of you if not all of you know this. Ashlee is a beautiful Brownskin woman, big slanted eyes, High cheek bones, a narrow nose with fully lips. Yes my dears this is her natural face, she has done nothing to it to gain this look (GOD DID THAT ) LOL Exotic at it’s finest. As beautiful as she is she has had Men tell her she is the first brownskin woman they ever found attractive, she is not a normal looking Brownskin woman, she is to exotic to be… WTH.

Ashlee is very confident in herself so when she would tell me about men saying this to her I knew it did not bother her one bit, because she is very secure with herself. So who is most likely more insecure in the time we are in now? Men are always judged on the their status following the amount of money they have. Woman which all of us are beautiful in the skin we are in no matter the shade or size unfortunately have a heavy weight to carry to look a certain way. Where did theses demands come from??

I will leave you with this…. as women and men we all need to realize the amount of pressure we put on each other and stop this cycle! start accepting people for who they really are. Not making them feel like they need to reach a certain mark of  acceptance  to be considered something worth  adoring. We all need to do better at building each other up, letting people know it is the most beautiful thing to JUST BE YOU:)  being different from others is what makes us all special, when everything is alike it loses it’s zest and meaning.



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  1. lnfamous ONE says:

    Well, I think this something that WOMEN need to ask themselves first: why do you feel the need to not be yourself? If your confident in who you are, then why the weave and fake whatever you have instead of being you? I think women do the things they do in the name of beauty for THEMSELVES. I don’t like a bunch of makeup and I despise weave even more. I seen and heard alotta men reiterate the same thing, only to hear women say, “it’s my hair, I bought”, yada yada. Point is, you women really do not have to go to such lengths. You focus on the wrong things. Simply put, more women should just accept who they are, like you said in your statement, and be happy with the beauty that your given. Besides, if a man isn’t happy with you without all that, what do you think will happen when he finally sees you without it?

    • R.E.X.!!! says:

      Of course the NOWADAYS WOMEN are more insecure they need the attention,compliments,Facebook likes etc..,to be put on a pedestal to make them feel good about themselves not to mention THE HAIR WEAVE,MAKE-UP,FAKE NAIL,FAKE EYE LASH,FAKE BOOTYS to enhance their self worth n fragile overated egos

  2. BzB says:

    what is this? all them words and only two pics? come on, shorty…

    and for the record, women are more insecure than men. why? she said it herself…most women care more about money so they always chasing or trying to be chose by a baller. they crave attention and stay concerned about how others see them or their flaws.

    dudes who got personality and looks will always have a shot at good looking smart women. add some money to the equation and its like shooting ducks in a barrel. while sensitive emo lames like @moor got to pay up just to get a whiff of a ugly chick booty.. smh

  3. queso (The Corp) says:

    I ain’t even gotta read this shi#…women is 100x more insecure than niccas. Point blank…I’m out! Call me when some pics get put up.

    • Hahz says:

      I hear a lot of stories about some crazy insecure men, men are better of keeping their insecurities secret.

    • still118 says:

      thats right. @queso tell her to shut her mouf and keep them pictures coming…good God! #stillTC

      • @stiff 911, Cmon son, not every hot chick only talks about designer shit and takes instagram all day every day. Let PORTIA speak her mind and spark a good convo in between the sexes. # grown people shit.

        …….and u already know don’t nobody want to see her one on one with them pics…..she STILL will shut everybody down easy!!! BP corp/MGC

  4. RED(MGC) says:

    I wouldn’t say women are more insecure than men it’s just that women are more vocal and focused on their insecurities than men are.

  5. Playboy69 says:

    Portia Jenkins must be ANS 24/7 but she must did not check out Eye Candy Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving Clash because Team Chocolate was Victorious and now Winning the Lightskin vs Darkskin vs Fake bootay Wars on ANS…Lol

  6. whoa. Portia spitting that genuine truth ale. Us men keep our insecurities more private than women.

  7. Greg4422 says:

    Firstly, if all you care about is money…that’s make you a whore
    Secondly your friend is pretty…but she shouldn’t let that go to her head, because she ain’t “all that.” (I’m trying to be nice about it)(she has a lot of european’ll understand this later)
    You have a lot of issues going on here some I’m not going to address them all but I do want to discuss this whole dark skin vs. light skin thing, which isn’t based in any kind of logical thought process…beauty for all intent and purposes is in the “eye of the beholder”…we all have natural preferences…the other side of this though is learned behaviors…from childhood we are inundated with images of european beauty that tell us long straight hair, fair skin, thin lips and a narrow nose are the features to be desired. This message is repeated over and over again in the media and overtime we buy into the constant brain washing, even if it subconsciously. Some of us go full on white is beautiful and date white men or women, other go white-lite route and see light skin people as “almost white”…so they’re almost right…or closer to being beautiful than a dark skin person…because dark skin is ugly unless the person so dark and so Africanized that he/she looks like they just go off a slave ship…then they’re seen as an exotic beauty.
    Yes black women are extremely insecure, although they put on those airs of confidence. It’s a known fact to get a black woman under control you first got to break her down and bare her soul…only then will she take that snap out of her neck and adjust the nasty attitude. You insecurity is apparent to anyone that looks upon you, with your european straight weaves, your make-up to lighten your complexion, your plastic surgery to reduce the size of your nose and dating white men to feel like you’ve arrived. I know so many successful black women that are single…all because they’ve created this image of an ideal man in their mind…this super-nigga…that no mortal man never will live up too…but they’ll date the most simple minded white boy…I just shake my head in disgust. To be honest brotha’s are about tired of ya’ll and ya’ll bullshit…we gonna cross over and get us some white women that will appreciate us, and they got a 800 credit score as a bonus

    • queso (The Corp) says:

      Dayum!!! Tell em how u feel son lol….Duke said “take that snap out ur neck” lmao

    • Damn @greg homie ….u keeping it 100 fa real. I agree with u 100%

    • BnBHP says:

      lol…. +1

      I hate the fact that blk women are slaves to weaves…

    • truthspeaker says:

      First Portia, your sister looks like she’s fallen into the fake-a-thon that’s infiltrated the black culture. She’s pleasing to the eye but obviously is in the immodest mode of “get it while u can” which will last until her looks fade or some sucker wife’s her up. Black women hate decent hard working black men as they were taught to in the slave days, they prefer the “baller” or modern Mandingo image of a man and or the white boy who resembles the plantation owner of the same time period. The attractive ones have become conceited self absorbed quasi prostitutes who will do whatever to get close to a hint of money. Change is needed.

      • Ashlee Ray says:

        Lol really sir you could have googled me and found a few facts before posting this. You would think w/ a screen name like yours you would be an excellent fact checker but that’s the internet for you. You sound scorned though like some pretty girl broke your heart and left you for a dude with some coins because your response is completely a scorned man’s generalization but any who my weave is Brazilian but I’m still absolutely fine in my meek mill braids underneath it I make my own money and my boyfriend is very much so a regular down to earth guy but thank you very much for your Hellen Keller-esq observation.

        • Truth speaker says:

          Whoooo y’all see this $&@?, I got her to respond, I guess I must have struck a nerve. Out of all the conments on this bs PSA you chose mine to respond to with accusations and a “scorned” sentiment. The truth hurts huh? Haha at ” my weave is Brazillian, what does that have to do with anything I don’t care if it’s polyester, it’s still fake. By the way it’s Helen Keller esque not esq, Ms. Educated 2013. What is this job that u speak of, wait bartender or stripper, oh maybe instagram model.Btw wtf is as Meek Mill braid ? Why must your physical attributes have a pop culture reference? Of course, you live by what’s playin on the radio like most one dimensional black women. Don’t flatter yourself miss. Oh yeah I pull models, strippers, instagram models at will and I’m too smart to put stock in hoes, my heart has been cold toward ” pretty” women and you know what, they’re so backwards that their attracted to it. Pretty is a dime a dozen in my neck of the woods sweetheart. A dime a dozen.

          • Ashlee Ray says:

            Again googling me wud have made you sound less stupid. I work in radio and I do interviews and new coverage for top hiphop sites hence the hiphop reference. Never been a stripper and I drink drinks not serve them. Sorry to rain all over your ego but I responded to everyone who mentioned me. Appreciate the auto correct correction tho good looks! Lastly I stand by my previous observation you still sound like some girl made u cry in a dark room while listening to a soundtrack to slit your wrist to.

    • prettymanny says:

      You’re just talking a lot of smack. There’s very little truth in your words. You might have a perception issue due to your past experiences that make you believe something about someone based on your prior history with others who appear to be similar. Either way I suggest you work it out.

    • dusty says:

      we gonna cross over and get us white women that appreciate us.

      Are you serious? go get you a white honey because you sound mad stupid for generalizing black women like that.

      im a black brotha and im heated

  8. R.E.X.!!! says:

    Dear LORD,pleeeez dont let @ Bstrizzle read this Portia post because we’ll never hear the last of it!!!!!

    Lmao just fckin withcha my niccah @STRIZZLE!

    • Lmao @rex. Fam I been telling yall for a minute that PORTIA was a well rounded cool chick. All these dude’s who had this certain image of her being stuck up or shallow is way off. Some beautiful women are absolutely intelligent and down to earth. She just dropping jewels on all those lost social media souls lol. I’m calling my boo PORTIA tonight lol

  9. Bill says:

    I can start with the insane amount of grammatical errors in her piece or I can start with how basic her post was in regards to mental insecurities in both sexes. What really killed this post was her statement about her friend Ashlee. Ashlee is a beautiful girl but if you read the things that she posts on her twitter page and hear her interviews she becomes far less attractive and even less interesting. The problem with a lot of women nowadays if there lack of acknowledgement of bad judgement when it comes to a variety of things. Whether it be there taste in men who aren’t good for them, there circle of friends, there lack of basic human decency, or the plethora of baggage that they can’t let go, women are not able to recognize the psychological warfare that is being rained down upon them on a daily basis. There validation for not dealing with the realities of life comes from hearsay and bullshit from gossipblogs, dysfunctional friends and family and an inability to take responsibility for life choices. These women are our queens and should be treated as such but can they really take the title of queen if they don’t take care of their subjects? Women waste more time running from good men and stable situations then I care to count and have in a sense made a lot of good honest brothers feel unwanted. They secretly date white men thinking everything will be good on the other side only to find out that he may be just as bad as the brother who played her beforehand. If women don’t start truly owning up to their problems there going to be riding high now but the drop will be a shock for many of them when it comes time to deal with reality. Men only want big booty hourglass chicks for fucking or sex, simps delude themselves with tricking on a known hoe. Women attempt to make lives with dope boys and fuck niggas and then wonder why there door is getting kicked in, they have psychological trauma or they can’t manage to deal with their day to day operations. They bash black men when a lot of black men try to do right by them even when they don’t do right by themselves.

    • Ashlee Ray says:

      Lol I’m not even gonna lie and say I read all this cuz I didn’t you lost me at ” on her twitter page it seems”

      • Ashlee Ray says:

        The twitter page of a person who maybe actually writes a tweet 5 times a month must be extremely telling to you Dionne Warwicks. I appreciate you trolling my twitter and watching my interviews and segments for this and more feel free to watch more every week and listen to my on Shade 45 Sirius xm where I get paid for my thoughts and opinions just like one would think after reading this 50 shades of gray novel equivalent that you took minutes out of your life that you’ll never get back to write I’m sure you must make a killing at your occupation of ” blog post responder” in closing boi bye.

  10. TruthspeakMcNeverLied says:

    I would love to talk to her more about this issue right after I finish nuddin’ awwwwlll up in dat puzzy.

    But for real, nice to see a chick that THINKS these days

  11. Big ALbert says:

    The only problem I had with this is that she mentions Marilyn Monroe as a beauty of her time then says plastic surgery wasn’t as advanced as it is presently. The thing is that Marilyn Monroe was an average chick until she got plastic surgery on her face and dyed her hair blonde to become the sex symbol she was.

    • JamarXyz says:

      @Big Albert….most your hollwood tricks,especially Mayilyn Monroe,aint have no ass or hips….just one long back….thats the other man’s sexy,not mine.

    • truthspeaker says:

      These chicks only know Marylyn Monroe’s name because she was worshiped and tried to be a whore and win at the same time. This is the modern day woman’s dream, no one wants to build or take care of a home they just want to be famous for their looks and have false pride based on vanity, just like their leader Beyoncé lol.

  12. Pose says:

    Women are more insecure because they be trying to be THE QUEEN instead of letting their inner queen to come out. If you look at Rap videos/songs for inspiration, then somethin’ wrong… And then again, you can be pretty, but not wife material. People tend to forget that, specially athletes, rappers, actors, etc…

  13. Mister Mister says:

    There’s insecurities on both sides. As she pointed out, with women, it’s about their looks. They spend so much money on fake hair, fake eyelashes, makeup, & even get work done on their body to compete with the other woman because they feel that’s what men what. Naw, that’s what boys want. Most of them boys just lust after women like that, they want to smash, dash & brag. Those boys insecurities wouldn’t allow them to wife a woman like that because of all the attention they’d get from other men, even ones that have more money than them. Which comes full circle to her saying men have their biggest insecurities about their status & money.

    A real woman doesn’t look for a man with status & money. They look for a man who at least has ambition, goals & the drive to achieve them. Plus, protect & provide, stay loyal & communicate. A real man would provide all of that & realize that beauty fades, so he should fall for the woman that sticks by him through the valleys & peaks and have someone to build a family with & grow old with.

  14. desolation says:

    I couldn’t say either gender. Insecurities are part of being human, just like fear or pain. I liked this post because I honestly never thought much of Portia j outside her looks before this. she surprised me.

  15. bizzy says:

    Wow all these comments on this supid ass sh1t She needs to be banned from writing for this stupid shitt …..smh no sense at all

  16. Ashlee Ray says:

    Awwwww sis ❤️ this! Let em know

  17. R.E.X.!!! says:

    Wow shout out to the cats on this post that really tellin it like it is cudos!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much needed

  18. Cakes(overtime) says:

    What a joke! Lmaoo..first off preach to Bill up top I was wondering if I was the only one who caught the errors and how shallow and superficial this “piece” is. Secondly is this going to be a new category because I have the perfect name..Hot Air..the place where butt chicks and chicks who love taking pics tell us what’s on their mind,better yet what’s not on it (lol get it).Honestly this may have been a good idea if this came from a woman with substance or if it was done well..not this, this JIBBER JABBERING OF A BIMBO, a fake chick she doesn’t even believe the bs she is saying like the brown skin thing..yeah she thinks its beautiful just not on her because this is the same chick that sent out 20 tweets or more of pics trying to prove she’s light skin just because Karamel(or the chick ppl think is her) said she was brown skin on a post awhile b* please lol If I were that Ashley chick unless she’s desperate for exposure I would tell Portia leave me out of her shenanigans…she needs to sit her fugazi inflated behind down, preferably somewhere soft so she doesn’t bounce off and hit her head on the ceiling again…and im out lol

    • Ashlee Ray says:

      Well don’t you sound like a stalkin ass hater

      • Cakes(overtime) says:

        Did she not tweet that out on the world wide web? So how is that stalking? Doesnt this blog lack depth and insight? So how is that hating? Dont get on me because youre on display in this blog like some circus freak or Pappy-show lmao youre friend did that

        • Ashlee Ray says:

          This beta ass site won’t post my whole comment here’s one more crack at it Well don’t you sound like a stalkin ass hater

    • Ashlee Ray says:

      Well don’t you sound like a stalkin ass hater

    • Ashlee Ray says:

      Well don’t you sound like a stalkin ass hater

    • Ashlee Ray says:

      Well don’t you sound like a stalkin ass hater

      • Cakes(overtime) says:

        Well dont you look like a repetitive just get back in your spot next to the bearded lady Ashy I mean Ashley lol

    • Ashlee Ray says:

      You watch my sister’s social networks more than a side bitch watched Scandal Marathons.. I’ve seen you w/ your bullshit before you are a very loyal Portia STAN and on behalf of my sister id like to thank you for your unwavering love and support that you so poorly wrap in hate and thank u for checking her page everyday but not even checkin your kids homework but the shrine of her in your closet is a bit much

      • Cakes(overtime) says:

        ASH-lee i dont need to stalk anyone to make an accurate observation for example I can observe from this one pic that youre face is hella ashy lol and you have on makeup so I know that ish is dryyyyyyyyy lmao..your “sister” is a fake azz pretending to be humble ego maniac…when you care for spmeone its hard to see them for what they are I understand * slow blink*

      • the REAL PORTIA J says:

        @ashlee ray please stop trying to comment back to her. Why all your comment is not posting is beyond me. Let it go she knows more about me then you, Me, my Mother & father and all my other friends of 16 years lol. more than my 30k twitter followers who always tweet how humble I am to me daily. I guess because I am honest about being all NATURAL or I won’t deny My Parents, or allow someone to try to speak on me as if they know me on a personal level when they don’t know me from adam I am ego Maniac lol Ok I will take it:) It’s a first time for everything.:)

        • Cakes(overtime) says:

          See Ash-lee Portia always shows her true colors no one has to stalk her conceited big head azz..and I quote ,”my 30k twitter followers who always tweet how humble I am to me daily” Really all 30k? Riiiiiight *eye roll* it doesnt stop there “I guess because im honest about being all NATURAL” did anyone say anything about that? Do you actually think youre the only all natural person in the world??? Youre a shallow airhead and it clearly shows in your post

  19. THE REAL PORTIA J says:

    Wow.. Let me first say thank you to Hahz for posting this on atl night spots from my Blog. Thank you all for reading and giving great feed back. This is a topic that is talked about alot . The point of the post was to show we all are insecure about something. Men and women both put alot of pressure on each other to live up to a status, half of the time it is not realistic. I mentioned Marilyn Monroe because she was a curvy women. NO her curves were not like women’s today but back then she had a shape alot of women/men no matter Race adored. On behalf of my grammer I did type my blog from my cell phone, please forgive me for any mistakes lol it happens alot when we use phones. On behalf of @ashlee_ray I used her as a example based off her beauty alone. I know her on a personal level but none of the people who have read this do ,a individual twitter can only give a small piece of who they really are. I wanted to show you a BEAUTIFUL Brownskin woman. @cakes The ONLY reason I made sure I proved the point about my skin color on my twitter that day is because here you had someone acting like I was ashamed to be Browskin when as I stated when ever you see me with a beautiful bronze color YES it is from a spary tan (lol six coates to be exact). I clearly love Brown/Bronze skin to put myself out there are admit yes that beautiful color is a tan. I have been light skin all my life, I use to be insecure about being light skinned growing up because all my friends had BEAUTIFUL BROWNSKIN. My point on that matter was never tell a person about themself when you don’t know them personally, also you have never seen them in person. About my booty @cakes you may be right it may not be all that lol most REAL bottoms aren’t perfect. I don’t want or claim to be perfect. I make this very clear when ever people call me perfect. I am not perfect. I am just be me. Thank you all! love that people stayed on the topic giving their views:)

    • Cakes(overtime) says:

      Yes keep telling yourself thats why you sent those tweets.youre fooling a few but most people see through your facade..real recognize real and youre not it. and I didnt say anything about your butt being perfect or not learn to read phony balogna

    • dusty says:

      narrow nose? that comment was weird. like you tried to prove european features are better.

      as a brother myself i have never any black man say something some shyt about darkskinned or lightskinned.
      i have never heard any say of them say you are cute for being darkskinned. the truth is not many brother SAY THAT SHYT. its a few.
      your girl is cute but not all that and its not because of skin colour because my girl is darker

  20. THE REAL PORTIA J says:

    @cakes No offense but may I ask why you feel like you know more about me than I know about myself? or I even let people know about me on social sites? I don’t tweet my life on twitter, I don’t take a million pictures to be able to retweet (oh you look good) EVERY THING I am saying is real no need to be fake. I don’t even fake it in my apperance, I am just fine with being me (not perfect). @ashlee_ray who I used as a example in my post has known me for 12 year’s. On a personal level to know everything I speak is coming from the heart. I have nothing to prove or gain by being fake to people that don’t know me from adam. And yes I was going to address someone trying to make people believe I was ashamed of a color that wasn’t even my real color. Telling me no I am right you are wrong about YOURSELF is nuts. If I was so against BROWNSKIN I would have never started to get spray on tans for magazine shoots etc. All my friends are BROWNSKIN women and men…… our Friendships go up to 16 year’s and still counting. I did not say you said my butt was perfect you said INFLATED I was letting you know yes REAL butts don’t look perfect. They go up and down right along with weight. But again Thank you everyone for giving your opinions on my blog post. :)

    • Cakes caught that fade..

      • Cakes(overtime) says:

        What fade Rasheed? She’s out here looking like a dodo bird dont encourage her to continue to expose and make a fool of herself smdh

    • Cakes(overtime) says:

      I never said that I know you more than you know only going on what YOU show the world which includes inconsistency(nice way of saying lies lol),hypocrisy,narcissism etc. and the more you say ” I love brownskin” the less convincing you get I mean you even pulled out the all my friends are brownskin like do you know how idiotic that sounds *sighs* like im not doing this with you ok..I said my piece you said yours its over

      • @cakes shut your hating ASS up!!!!!!! U truly are obsessed with portia. U went from adoring her. …….now u hate everything about her smh. Damn can the woman post a blog without having u nitpick her to death? ?? U still bringing up that old ASS @karamel shit????……and this skin tone shit again? ???? Let it go @cakes. …damn!!!!

        • Cakes(overtime) says:

          Lol Here goes Bstrait ol captain save a ho. MGC P.R. spinner..
 dare YOU of all people say anything about someone being obsessed, dont mistake a compliment for anything more or less ive never “adored” anyone ill leave that to your simping azz
          2.ive never said a word about the Karamel thing or her skin tone before so stfu
          3.I didnt bring up skin tone Portia did over and over again so if I speak on it so what
          4. Other people have said how stupid this blog how about you get off my azz

    • Greg4422 says:

      So whats you’re problem with being brown skinned? You seem to want to prove so badly…that you’re light skinned and any brown skin pic of you are spray tan? You posted a pic of you friend and essentially sad oh she’s pretty for a brown skin girl…but me I’m light skin…the only role model you listed was white woman…Marylin Monroe…but I hope you realize that she had plastic surgery. If you wanted to use someone from that era…why not Dorthy Dandridge, or Ruby Dee? Both women of color and dimes pieces in their hayday.

      • prettymanny says:

        +1 on everything especially on the constant tanning comments. And Dorothy Dandridge killed Marilyn in the beauty department not sure why so many black girls are obsessed with Marilyn

    • Playboy69 says:

      @The Real Portia….DON’T MIND CAKES!….She bow down to a picture of Maliah Michel every night….She is waiting for you to faceoff against Maliah Michel on ANS too…..And yes CAKES have a wild fetish for you even tho she try to deny it…. CAKES WANTS TO PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR….Bstrait & MGC call her out of that many times this year on ANS….LMFAO!

  21. THE REAL PORTIA J says:

    @greg4422 what do you mean what is my problem with being Brownskin? IF I was brownskin I would own it and be VERY proud! There is nothing to prove about something that is a fact. The only reason it was given attention in the first place was because some person on here felt the need to worry about my complextion in the first place. Because people would call me yellow or a red bone. I could care less really. But who ever that person was back then was so egar to prove I was not the color all them had called me as if being light was better smh (people’s own insecure issues) I told her just being Real about myself, giving that person a fact about me that actually If you look on my twitter you will see my real color I am very light @ashlee_ray jokes about how bright I am all the time on twitter, so do my other friends. I use to get the tans due to being insecure about being light. So where anyone on here would get I am ashamed to be a color I use to try to be is beyond me. Does not make sense at all. Why it was even given attention is because yes I have the right to let you know the truth about me. I used Marlyin ONLY because of her shape she was alot thicker than most actress back then. Some even considered her Fat because other actress rather Black or white had small frames. (Trust me you will not come in my house & see any pictures of Marlyin like most women have lol) Now on my friend @ashlee_ray YOU NEVER read me say oh she is pretty for a Brownskin woman, what I did say was I seen far more beautiful Brownskin women in my life then light skin women, Ashlee being at the top of the list. But clearly I stated that I think SO MANY are Beautiful not just Ashlee. I can never give to much attention into race because I have all kinds of different race in my family, I will never deny who I am or where I came from to keep from being judged by the ignorance going on in today’s world. I am responding back Because Hahz actually ask me to since this was a discussion about my blog post. So we can all give feed back on it..:)

  22. THE REAL PORTIA J says:

    @cakes about saying pulling the (All my friends are Brownskin card???? Um so should I lie about their color than???( IT IS WHAT IT IS.) This blog post was not meant to turn into a topic completely on skin color.

    • Cakes(overtime) says:

      Portia are you just joshing or are you really this DENSE? You deserve an Ans dumbest bitch ever stamp Lol please stop @ing me because I will feel compelled to respond( in words you can understand.. Portia no talkee lol)…I cant believe I have to breakdown why that statement is stupid and how it sounds worst coming from a black girl but ill try..

      Saying I cant (insert ignorant statement) because all my friends are (insert ignorant statement) is something bigots,prejudice,or straight up racists say when caught and confronted about saying something ignorant …
      and if anyone can explain it better so she can understand please help me out..

      • THE REAL PORTIA J says:

        @cakes This post started out very positive EVERY WHERE it was posted. NO ONE held on to the skin tone part to much, They all focused on The insecure issues in general with men and women. You felt the need to mention something about a person calling me brownskin that happened a few years ago now. Then insult me like I did something to you ( CONFUSED) since I let them know the truth about my skin tone you feel everything I say about a Browskin woman can’t be true smh. Now because I stated facts about me and who has been in my life along with their skin tone I am Racist?? I don’t need you to break anything down for me I am highly educated, very able to comprehend. I worked at a Law Firm doing Paralegal for several years @ cakes my Mother is Puerto Rican/ MY father Italian/black. Race means nothing to me clearly. We don’t care to much about race in my family because we have some of everything in my family. I come from a great loving family that love all. We don’t love one race or the other. smh.

        • Cakes(overtime) says:

          Portia Did I say you were racist? And there you go trying to prove how not black you are you cant help yourself can you? lol youre a friggin joke.. i cant lmaooo…Portia go address someone else or just shut up,you dumb idiot girl

          • THE REAL PORTIA J says:

            I don’t have to prove anything but I am not going to deny WHO OR WHAT I AM TO PLEASE OTHER PEOPLE’S INSECURE ISSUES! I am what I am and would NEVER deny my parenst and what they are. Because you feel keeping it REAL about my race etc would be proven I am not black. Really?? All people I know that come from a mix family don’t deny it so why the hell should I? Say what you want most People that read my Blog loved it and could relate. Also did not think anything I said was dumb. smh But no more commenting back to you because you will never stop. You would think I did something to you smh I don’t know you from adam. smh

          • Cakes(overtime) says:

            I dont want you to deny anything…I just dont see why you felt the need to put that out there.I was not talking about race or skin tone only I meant any close minded statement..I.e. im not/I have nothing against blank. because I have friends who are blank(left handed,gay,chinese,acne proned whatever) Trust I really dont care and im not the insecure one YOU ARE..youre such an ego maniac that youve become insecure and it shows Big time in everything you do and say..

            Can someone from Mgc please come get this girl..I think she is lost

          • Cakes(overtime) says:

            P.s. im not talking to you like you did something to me im just calling it like I see it like I ALWAYS
            do *shrugs*

  23. WHATDAHELL says:

    u can fall into the Maliah hype if u want to but nobody can break the comment section like a Portia post. lol. gotta respect it. as far as the blog post goes, being more insecure is tied into how you were raised and the events that occurred and how u chose to react to them rather than sexual orientation. outside “pressure” can’t penetrate or influence a strong minded individual. TV and media portray that status, money and beauty are everything and u shouldn’t let yourself fall into that trap.

    p.s. Can ANS get some exclusive pics or something, because we got more Portia addicts over here than anywhere on the web. Hahz supposed to been signed up as an official sponsor but he trippin. lol.

  24. Greg4422 says:

    This is an expansive subject …there’s countless directions it can go and areas that need exploring. I don’t think the dark skin vs. light skin issue will be resolved today, nor do I think we’ve done more than scratch the surface. Emotions are already beginning to run deep, and I find myself making a conscious effort to try remain objective. So let’s try this again, what does dark skin, or light skin really mean? I’ve noticed that some black people will go to great lengths not to be in the dark skin category…if we are a shade or two lighter than someone else…we’re light skin and they’re dark skin (at least in our minds)….for example as a brown skin “relatively” young man… you are lighter than me…so yes to me, you are light skin…but there are women of color a shade or two lighter than you…maybe to them you are dark skinned…what I was trying to point out in my first posting is why is being light skin seen as a thing to be desired over being dark or darker? Answer: It’s that subconscious image of european beauty…that’s indelibly burned into all of our subconscious. When in actuality it shouldn’t be a light skin or dark skin image of beauty based on a european reference point, …. but rather traditional Africanized image of beauty, that spans a wide range of skin tones that’s not based on us trying to mimic our european captors.
    I revisited your post and noticed before you made the brown skin distinction about your friend Ashlee…you did say …”my sister …ashlee_ray is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes,” which was by itself fine, my confusion came at the later addition of “Ashlee is a beautiful Brown skin woman,” now that particularly caught my eye and served as the basis for me interpreting what you said to mean “pretty for a brown skin girl.” …no you didn’t say those words verbatim, and maybe it wasn’t your intention to imply that…so I’m going to walk that statement back and apologize for any miscommunication. I’m still going to point out that while she’s very attractive, her narrow nose and long straighten weave are both european feature’s and as such she wouldn’t have been my first choice as the most beautiful black woman ever…I’m just saying.

    • THE REAL PORTIA J says:

      I so agree with you @greg4422 I used @ashlee_ray because she is drop dead Gorgeous to me but also because I have been there to witness all the rude comments she has received because of her look. Like she looks to mixed to be straight Black, shes to exotic to be Black. Ashlee does not have low self esteem so hearing thing’s like this just made her say NOTHING HAS CHANGED. We are still thinking on a Slavery mindset.

  25. lmao,i’ll never get how this happens each time P is on here haha,it never fails. But honestly,thanks to Portia for actually interacting with us and kicking it with the Pack. That’s what it’s about now..if we can post 50 pics of chicks on here and give them hype packages then why can’t we get more vixens/models to interact with us? Bien post overall Portia.

  26. 1luv says:

    To the real Portia, I personally like what you stated and have to say that this light vs. dark skin s very rampant in the black community. You see it does go all the way back to slavery and this is part of the slavery mentality that effects us black Americans. This is part of the brown paper bag test. I came upon this term when I was on the IMDB Boardwalk Empire page.

    I have seen this growing up but never really notice it until I was a late teenager. We are programed to believe light skin is beautiful. From the rap music, to magazines and even movies. This stereotype is constantly being programmed in our minds and the minds of the next generation.

    Back in the mid 60s the Black Liberation movement came in and was in full effect. Black is Beautiful. Say It Loud, I’m BLACK AND I’m PROUD! Rang in America from the Civil Rights Movement to The Black Panther Party. Somehow, that pride and dignity of being lack, proud and having a moral standard faded away. Sad to see that most of our brothers and sisters are so brainwashed of this standards in society.

    Any questions?

    • THE REAL PORTIA J says:

      I am loving you right now:) what you said most people stated to me on Twitter. They loved the entire blog and said yes all of this is really going on today. Black people still have a beef over light skin dark skin because of how much better the light skin slaves were treated by whites in slavery times. Lighter slaves were the product of their mother’s being rapped by their master (it’s sad) I got picked on in school and as sad as it is to say this it was never by a Girl that looked like me or was my color. This made me hate being Light skin for a long time. It’s like the brain washed to hate each other is still there. nothing has changed.

      • 1luv says:

        Yes this is a brainwashing slavery issue, I don’t have all the answers to the solution but I do have a good solution to brake down this slavery mentality. First, if you have kids are relativities have children, teach them moral and understanding for what it is to be a respectable black man and women.

        Let them know that their is a mental war going on to keeping them from being anything but a respectful, moral, and educated person. All that saying that this is beautiful and this is the way to look because its in the songs or media is false. Al this glamorization that the media puts out is simply a dilution to maximize your capabilities in become the future of tomorrow.

        I look at some of these videos of black males and females simply acting ignorant and thinking that that’s something to be proud of. We as a race could have dominated America with our beautiful minds, body, and soul. Instead most of our people have fallen into the cracks and its sad to say, some will never see the light of what they truly need to be.

  27. RED(MGC) says:

    I knew this post was going to do numbers.

  28. bizzy says:

    Wow all this over that stupid ass sh1t smh unbelievable
    who gives a f@#$@ who’s more insecure. There are insecure people from both genders SOMEBODY HELP THEM..period

  29. 4xtra says:

    This is a VERY sensitive subject for some of yall…

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