Rasheed Lateef gets you familiar with Boston newcomer Laila Marie Quinones or Miss Quinones for short.

RL:So,you’re 18 and fresh in the game. What do you bring the table as a aspiring model?
MQ:Fresh in the game… I like that. Well I’m told I have an “exotic” look, and I tend to agree. I’m very confident and I feel I have a unique look as well.

RL:What are your measurements?
MQ:I’m 5’6″ ,weigh 145lbs, 34b-26-40

RL:Where you from Miss Quinones?
MQ:I’m originally from Boston,Massachusetts.I’ve lived in Jamaica Plain, Dudley, Archdale, Roxbury and a few other places. But I’ve been living in Somerville, Mass for almost five years.

RL:Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your life?
MQ:I know it’s the right thing to say my mom, mother of six going to school and working full time, but I can honestly say a woman named Kathy Montrevil, a woman I listened to a couple days ago give a lecture about going after her goals and dreams and letting no one and nothing stop her, she is extremely passionate about her career and doing what she loves and she’s still hustling to get to the top. I feel I am just as passionate, I am ready to grind to get to where I feel I deserve I should be.

RL: Awesome,name some artists you like to vibe to when working out or going through the day?
MQ:2chainz album,Fabolous-Beauty,A few songs from Rihanna’s album,Chief Keef- Understand Me, Future ft. Rihanna- Loveeee Song,and a few others I can’t think of at the moment.

RL:As you know,Valentine’s Day is coming up. Anybody involved in your plans for that day?
MQ:Yes,my awesome boyfriend of a year.

RL:Awww..oh,What’s your ethnicity?You’ll get this question alot from other magazines so be ready haha.
MQ:Lol I’m Puerto Rican and Cape Verdean! Can you tell?

RL:That’s tight! I’m French and Nigerian but that don’t matter right now haha. So umm,anyone you wanna give props to?
MQ:That’s a cool mix ! I would honestly just appreciate if everyone supported my modeling career, help me get my face out there so that I can reach my ultimate goal of becoming a published model and much more beyond that. Peace and love .

Follow Miss Quinones on Twitter at http://twitter.com/Riskybeau

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