Anowa Adjah TwitPics

· June 15, 2011

Anowa Adjah TwitPics

Full figured fitness model Anowa Adjah showed off her body in black spandex. What do you think?

Anowa Adjah TwitPics
Anowa Adjah TwitPics
Anowa Adjah TwitPics


    This Sista is gorgeous..I give her two thumbs up and some… Pretty smile with that milk chocolate skin, and a bangging body,Damn… Very Gorgeous, sexy, all wrap in one..

    • Red Nigga

      and the sad sh1t is nobody wont comment on here you can tell the willie lynch ass n1ggas on here judging by the lack of comments then looking at how they was hopping on that ugly smut bucket misty ramos.smh


        @red nigga,patience bro we most def gone compliment her sweet chocolate thick ass i’ll have a scoop of that!!!

      • http://atlnightspot Punchie

        real talk, on a couple levels, my brotha!!!

        • 850Cane

          Yo Punchie where u from homie?

    • Melloluver

      I couldn’t agree more. A K.O.!

  • Michael Morrison

    i ALWAYS loved her beautiful skin and figure. Cute face too, breaking stereotypes across the board



    • 850Cane

      @ scotty black kenfolk she was always on point. I never seen her slack not once.

      • Im still the PRINCE

        100…no lie on that one bro, but the forehead man its big as a plasma!! I wouldn’t pass on I know that!! A chick that thick & that flexible.will ALWAYS get love!!

        • 850Cane

          @Prince I co-sign to that homie. I can careless about the forehead tho. Shit look at that body of hers ummm hummm.

  • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

    cant c the pics!

    • Blue

      Me either… I thought it was just me… I click on the link it says Error 404 and where the pics should be it says no hotlink…wtf, she too bad not to be able to see the pics

      Hey FBI you probably already did it, but type in her link and you can get her page at least… Good lawd this a bad Sistah

  • Blue

    After further review she is definitely in my top 10… & I know imma catch flack from the field mobb (Wolf Pack) but she running real tight with Serena her gallery pics is a beast, thick, chocolate, & toned… That’s a who would you holla at moment… Take the money out of the equation tho.

    • 850Cane

      Oh snap I forgot all about this woman here. Dammit man!!!!!! man @## a top 10 my @#$ is out the Window. I have to do a top 15. I can’t take this #$$# no more. IT’s too many bad ass females out here. Man blue what is we gone do homie? To many women man just to many. Damn I have to re-do my list again. Anowa sweetie u are definitely n my top 15.

      • too funny

        yeaj @850 I forgot about her too. Time again to flip flop like a presidential candidate and re-adjust my top 5. My draft board changes more then the amount of pennies in a dollar. She my new permanent #1 stunna followed with a tie btw BeautyB and Ms Candy-Land.


          im gon need yall to get yall list together the right way plaaayas lol. yall first choice must be…..????lol

          • Blue

            Man I’m sticking with the Stallion Keanni Cochelle and Natalie Inoue… Those two are locked the rest are always interchangeable with me… Like yo PJ is a locked winner for you Srait UP…lol

            Fa real B put together a Chi-spots homie…lol

          • too funny

            @Bstrait, don’t worry I will say it for you un like @Blue who just wanna use intials lol. We know BeautyP ur #1 stunna. But since you wanna start it here mine go….

            6.Cat Washington

            that’s my FAB5 plus a reserve lol

            TeamChocolate going for the championship


            @toofunny,whoaaaa! u got anowa first? no waay over cat & bria lol. who is candy-land?

          • too funny

            @B, Candy aka Junk from Flava of Love.

            Yeah, Anowa 1st. Lets be real, she pretty In-Shape and phatter than all of them. She carrying around 200lbs thick, nicely toned and my weakness chocolate.


            @toofunny,i feel u on anowa,she is a helluva stallion. but candy??? no way she beats out cat,bria, and u didnt even put solei on ur list wtf lol,she better than candy


            @toofunny,please go back and look at those solei post and vids,i promise u she will move up 2to3 spots on ur list lol

          • too funny

            @Bstrait, like and @Blue said…..its so many fish in the sea that it eventually comes down to preference. Some ppl like Cod, some like Whiting others like Samon. Others look for specific texture or like it cooked a certain way. Honestly I would be happy with any of them.

            to bad I’m an INDEPENDENT or I would agree with “Strait Presto & Associates” campaign for BeautyP for Prez…….lol

      • Blue

        LMAO ROTFL…850 uz a fool bruh.. I hear you tho big homie… it’s whole lotta fish in the sea as they say… best bet bruh don’t do the dummy like myself and get hitched…

        • Blue

          Lol… Oh that’s cold too funny!


          yeah fellas its a whole lotta bad chicks out here……smh! i luv it

        • too funny

          @Blue, naw homiie you aint no fool. It might be alot fish in the sea but it’s only a hand full of those fish you catch you won’t throw back. All aint worthy of bringing home for dnner.


            @toofunny,chuuuurrch! lol

          • 850Cane

            Blue,Too Funny,Jfizzle,B-strait,40 & fly,Mr.Leftfoot,Rexsoul brother,Cakes,Tim,Presto,Moorefedeyeen,cold n hot,Atl tony,Hahz,Dmage,Bk standup, Yall some fools lol. Better yet everyone on here be clowning. I can’t take no more vacations.

            Too funny I like ur poll but you don’t have Solei on ther bruh? I got made love for you homie because I love the chcolate ladies too my brother.

            @ Blue man your the wild one lol. So after those two ladies u picked u said fuck it huh bruh lol.

            B-strait aight homie me and Too funny did our top 5-10 lets see what u got?

          • too funny

            @850, ok ok ok @ the request of you and @Bstrait I went and reviewed Ms. Solei. She’s definitely on the list. Actually forgot about her, don’t know how. As far as my list, Ms. Solei is 4b and Lastarya is 4a.

            if you seen the recent 2 post with Candy aka Junk then you can agree she is a top 10 nomonie for an ESPY lol.

            Beauty the Beast aka my BeautyB shut shyt down with her bootydo. She became my new #1 recently

          • Blue


          • B strait up

            @850&toofunny, okay boys make room for the champions list lol.
            #1PORTIA(the champ)
            #2ESTHER BAXTER
            #3KEANI COCHELLE
            #4CAT WASHINGTON
            #5GYPSY DEL ROSARIO(google her she’s worthy)

            that’s my unbeatable squad lol
            that my homies is my allstar squad lol. I need a beautiful face & a bangin body(complete package),strait up! My team is un

          • 850Cane

            @ Bstrait u have one hellava squad their kid. But I still love the hell outta mine still. I have too add in Ms.Damn as well kenfolk loawd have mercy. Esther Baxter is good. Cat is yummy as ##@#. Keani……I’ll hit but she can’t make the squad. Portia she’s good too. Now for mrs.gypsy hell yeah homie she’s certified. Ummm that makes me want some of semmie desoura.

  • bkstandup

    can’t see the pics hahz

  • cameo

    you better bring the gorilla, because she is a solid 200, and will break you off a piece of the Kit Kat bar ! I’d probably take 100mg Viagra for her, she’s the real deal !

  • mr. leftfoot

    Dave chappelle voice “darkness”….damn she nice


      wut up leftfoot!

  • Blue

    I see the pics now Hahz… Lawd have murrrcy… All that thickness… Nigerian beauty right thurrr I tell you!

  • Tim

    This is a bad ass dime Here, Period!!!

    Wife Material!

    • 850Cane

      I agree.

  • PAC

    Ok here’s the scoop with her. She’s not the finest woman but she’s DEFINITELY easy on the eyes. But what she may “lacks” in beauty she makes up with that perfect prototype structure she keeps right. Her ass is more juicy than it is big. Str8 Bubble. Once again it’s those legs. She needs a special ThickthighsThursday herself and she’s muscle. The Watermelon video, Crazy!

  • Chi Capitan

    A chocolate stallion dressed in all black everything……how can u go wrong? One of my favorites. Isn’t she like 6 feet tall as well?

    • bakebeanin

      yeah that’s alot of woman fam. She bad though. In my book. then again i do have a thing for chocolate women. After all if b1tch ass n1ggas dont want em. I do.

  • jerseybrotha

    Beautiful sister. Nice shaped legs! Needs a nice hair do though.

  • Sadiki

    Beautiful sista hands down.Peace!

  • Cold and Hot

    Chuuuuch!! God bless Africa!! I like women who are fit but with some meat on they bones and still look thick, she a perfect example of not going too far.

    • 850Cane


  • t-tyme

    she str8, def in my top 10, she in shape & is over 200lbs. let’s not 4get that !!!

  • TYBO2020


  • gphi

    She truly looks good to me. PEACE!!!

  • RRC

    I would make a few babies w/ this beautiful chocolate woman!! This is definately my type of lady!! DAMN IT MAN!!!

  • hershey

    I love her thick azz !

  • bad_eli

    bowlegged and pidgeon-toed…

  • Travo

    Lawd have mercy!!!!!!!!