While Bow Wow is some where chopping down Tyra Banks cougar ass.. Angela Simmons is making a solo splash in Miami beach.

  • Queso (The corp)

    I keep looking at these Angela posts like imma see something different…like I’m waiting for her to have a as# or something…chick is wack son!

    • Playboy69

      @queso… Bow Wow pick her too replace Ms. Joile…The Nerve of that Fool…LOL!

    • RED(MGC Kings)

      +1 @Queso she equivalent to paint drying when it comes to eye candy

      Still would smash tho

  • 828jeffe

    +1… This $hit needs to stop!

  • Realtalkin

    I got no problems with angela, not blessed with extreme thickness but still in good shape. Plus she look bearable without makeup on unlike alot of other chicks.

  • D.Nep

    no ass…no interest.

  • tbaker87

    I see a decent face, thick thighs & hips plus a lil ass. She might not standout among vixens but she’s a definite standout in your neighborhood Wal-Mart. 7

  • Mister Mister

    Well, to be shallow, she has more money than like 99% of these urban models will ever have lol.

    I just don’t like how she attention whores, I’m sure her badder sister goes to the beach but Vanessa stays lowkey, you hardly ever see pics of her out & about. That’s more appealing to me, plus she’s more attractive.

    Angela does have an ass though, it’s just not popping in this bikini & this is the most unflattering bikini she’s rocked.