Angela Simmons shows off of gym results. Looks like Angela continues to look better with age. Where is Vanessa at?



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  • Playboy69

    YUCK! Vanessa is BETTER!

    • face-wise yes..overall i give angela the edge. both could get right with me though.

      • Playboy69

        @Rasheed… Vanessa Simmons got that GROWN WOMAN body!…LOL!

  • i would’ve cuffed this along time ago if i was bow wow…

    • Mister Mister

      She got family bread & her own bread. Plus based off the show she used to be on, seems like a cool personality. I hear ya….but I’d still go with Vanessa. Angela is looking good though, but she the type that wants to be attention whoring while Vanessa is more lowkey

  • Somebody definitely smashing that LOL…sorry rev run! Young ang staying tight tho

  • Realtalkin

    Lotta people dont agree with me, but I love this broad! Suttin bout her

  • lazarus

    Is she fine cuz we know her people paid or is she fine becuz she FINE.??????
    Some of ya’ll couldn’t go huntin wit me. LMBAO

    • Big ALbert

      She not fine at

      • Realtalkin

        Shes not a dime but she look like your cute normal girl round the way whos humble. Can’t argue wit that

  • 828heffe

    +1. she ain’t busted but ain’t bad like fools say. To each its own I guess

  • smoov

    great body for the type of girl that you are hanging on the beach with or doing tropical travel…streetwear not so sure?