Vanessa was my favorite out of the two sisters but with the recent weight gain in Angela’s lower body I might leaning towards her now. After Angela moved out she must of been getting it in all crazy that’s why she is getting bigger in the hips cause she used to be Vanessa slim before.

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  • Forty and Fly guy

    She got some nice thighs but her ass is flat! And why does nshe have cottage cheese on that flat booty, to be so young? I’d hit if it was presented but I wouldn’t chase. Very average, in my opinion.

  • Forty and Fly guy

    I wouldn’t describe her as “thick” in any sense of the word. Maybe a slim goodie.

  • Cold and hot

    I don’t mind the wrinkles at cause she ain’t sloppy, I think Angela always had that booty,but she used to be thicker than that when she was on the show Run’s House if I’m not mistaken. Yeah she a slim goodie, I’d hit.

  • moorfedayeen

    They could of left that one of her in the water out and I would of said she looks great but if I saw her, whether I was with my girl or not, I’ still spit at her like my life depended on it cause she caked up. Not often you see her kind-phat ass with millions. I’ll take it!

    • moorfedayeen

      Silly niggas talkin bout they would go raw in Lastarya and I just smh but for this girl, for THIS GIRL, I’m slippin that rubber off and I’m cummin DEEP. I’m trying to be apart of the Russell family by any means. Peace!

  • TruthRevealer

    Vanessa is still the better looking face-wise and she has the least sounding voice. And Angela is more of the attention whore. You don’t see Vanessa pics all over the net and chatting on twitter and all that nonsense. She low key with it. Angela may have the better body but that’s about it. Plus you gotta factor in what the bodies are gonna look like after age and kids. Vanessa is the winner!

  • capt

    when in hell did she become a slim goodie

  • ohyea

    lookin good

  • Rev tried to keep’m n the cage, but itz on n pop’n.