Andrew Bynum Can’t Stay Out of The Bowling Alley

· March 13, 2013

Usually basketball players can’t stay out of the strip club or night clubs..but never has a baller had a addition to the bowling alley like the Sixers big man Andrew Bynum.

According to Bynum he will not play basketball until he is pain free but took the time to bowl this weekend when he returned home. ‏@NetsDaily

Andrew Bynum on fateful night at E. Windsor, NJ, bowling alley. Then, he began to bowl…

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  1. Beasley says:

    if he was normal height he’d be spitting in people food working at red lobster

  2. this mofo herrrr!!!! ofmg ifeel bad 4phily smmfh@this ova sized losr, he’ll b parkn’ cars n 2yrs Or gvin piggy back rides @kids prties lmaf x.D kill yaself b

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