Andressa Soares got one of the coldest bodies out of Brazil. Check her out shaking that money maker in this video.

  • Realtalkin

    Thats alotta woman right there! Bottom half is crazy.

  • seanjohn100

    her ass is huge but i can think of about 10 better brazilian broads than her

    • trap101 (MGC Kings)

      natalia inoue, eva andressa, aryane steinkopf, gracyanne barbosa, viviane aroujo, juju salimeni, majorie bueno,……am I on the right track @Sean?

      • seanjohn100

        lol basically…keep going. you actually named a few i didnt even know

      • lazarus


  • desolation

    (flashes thumbs up)

  • lazarus

    a low-key favorite of mine. Andressa extra thick, tho.
    one of many exports from Brazil, @trap named a few, but there are SO many more. Ish is truly bonkers over there. i got a few of my clan that went down there and now LIVE there. LOL

  • Canada Dry

    Brazilian women are definitely at the top. Most are total packages: good looks and crazy bodies!! Peep:

  • tony

    she’s my age 25 i thought she was much older