Andre 3000 Confirms Upcoming Solo Album

· June 9, 2014

This weekend the fourth annual Governors Ball festival happened and OutKast were among the many highlights throughout the weekend.

While the word getting back was that they’ve drastically improved their set since the Coachella days, he spoke (off-camera) to HipHopWired to not-so-formally announce that he is in fact working on his long-overdue follow-up to The Love Below. Who truly knows if there is any truth to this, but if 3 Stacks is at least talking about new music then there’s some positivity to be taken from that.

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  1. Come on stax….drop that heat already!!!

    # get off that Dr Dre detox sh*t

      • NoWhiteInMyCup says:


        should have been did another album, just because bra go solo dont mean he ant got love for Big Boi, its they lame azz money hungry manager Blu who letting outside influences that got him thinking that a solo album will breakup group for good.

        Outkast one of top 5 best rap groups ever, but cleary Dre was the Leonardo out of the group and some birds just cant be caged.

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