Vixens Anabella Carrasco, Dominique Chinn, Brianna Bette, Deelishis are all found guilty of murdering a pair of short shorts..



Brianna Bette

  • MalleG’z

    Lock their a$$’s up, this is premeditated murder

  • Playboy69

    Brianna Bette gets the Standing Ovation!….All other girls needs a seat…Brianna Bette is the winners!

    • REX!!!

      @playboy….and 1

      Brianna is that bizness kids!!!!

      • Playboy69

        @Rex…AMEN!…Briana Bette Chocolate Fudge Thick Ass is getting Stronger every post….LOL!

        • MoorFeen4Lorraine

          Bette that up!

        • presto 2.5

          @Play Bette would get destroyed in a poll versus MGC…even if we put up our second string she would walk with a L…sorry amigo

          MGC…”We haven’t lost a poll since the 90’s”

          Delish would body Bette in a poll…and Maliah would Bobcats vs. Heat on dat azz


          • Playboy69

            @presto…Nobody believe you Tim Tebow of ANS!…Briana Bette has won the last three posts she has been in… And she winning this post buddy!…..Tell Maliah Michel that CROWN AIN’T SAFE!…. Briana Bette = Bette up!….LOL!

          • MoorFeen4Lorraine

            @Playboy aint even Coalition and he speaking the truth about a #TC. Bette is a tyrant and she aint a trick/stripper like Maliah. Lets get a poll and find out who got it.

    • Mister Mister

      Chocolate over everything else, even curly hair. So I’d go with Briana first, then Anabella

      • MoorFeen4Lorraine

        Its chocolate over everything. Mister ain’t even gonna lie to y’all

    • 850

      You took the words out of my mouth playboy.

      • Playboy69

        @850….”Briana Bette Voice” Can I get an AMEN!

  • Cold and Hot

    Damn! This the first time I didn’t pick just one, I’ll take em all!

  • Briana man…she does something to me lol. only one i want here besides anabella.

    • Playboy69

      @Rasheed…Preach!…Briana Bette aka Briana Better…LOL!

  • BullnBearHP


  • seanjohn100


  • Cakes(what they know about)

    Dominique do us a favor and move the phone a little more to the left just a little lol

    • Big ALbert

      lol Dominique killed this post…Dayummmm

  • ginoBrown

    give me chinn an bette

  • Newyorkvixen

    BRIANA !!!!!!! Love her skintone

  • I mean deelishis damn!!…just gaaaaaawd daamn. Deelishis azz looks like 2 NBA balls in them shorts. I’d give deelishis some good hard backshots for 30-45 seconds LOL.

    **my Kevin hart voice deelishis backshots**…”want sum juice” LOL.

    Briana bette….same thing

    • Cakes(what they know about)

      Only at MGC guys brag about how LITTLE stamina they have guess that case of coconut water TC sent didnt work…smh enzyte my dude enzyte lol

      • LOL @ “big slices”. I know u joking becuz TC cant afford a case of damn water….let alone coconut water LOL. Do if anything TC sent a picture..of a case of coconut water lol. As for my stanmina lady believe me I gets the job done LOL….I just know my weakness. Deelishis in doggy style is a challenge for any man LOL. So maybe I’d give her a good 2-3mins in doggystyle lmao. MGC: “we keep it 100″

        Take that @”big slices” (((POW))) LOL. Enzyte lmao smh..good one

      • Playboy69


        • MoorFeen4Lorraine

          Damn, @Cakes telling it how it is on these Corp n1ggas. #TC n1ggas stroke these broads down like they fresh outta jail cause 9/10 they really are.

          • presto 2.5

            STFU….we not even taking you seriously wit that MGC broad inya name…jus STFU and don’t type shyt…

            you aint TC…you’re jus a lurker now…I shouldn’t even waste my time on you anymore…you pityful

  • President Ward

    Good as post. But i got Briana Bette in this one.

  • blizzy

    Bri… Dee… and Ms Chin yellow tape award

  • presto 2.5

    we need a Delish sextape asap…

    MGC…”Bette who?”

    • Playboy69

      @presto…Deelishis = Team Fairy Tales Strong!….Sextape is coming soon for Deelishis on Magical….LMAO

  • Realtalkin

    Briana got this she thick and all the way authentic wit it.

    • Playboy69

      @Real…Amen! Briana Bette is got the Hershey FUDGE CHOCOLATE syrup running through her veins….LOL!

      • Realtalkin


  • DCAssLuva

    damn!! i swear i love booty short season

  • lazarus

    This is hard for me to say. Anabella Carrasco won this….
    Until I saw Dee in them shorts. Nobody I know, in my circle would be able to not lay wood to that in them shorts. That ish is retarded, fam I mean really. Damn

    D. Chinn’s frame is blessed, too. From the Dsl’s down tho.

  • D.Nep

    Dominique Chinn went in and so do I in them shorts….Lawd!!

  • RED(Corp)

    Dominique Chinn below the waist is A-1

    TC better hold on to Briana because she fine as hell

  • 850

    Brianna Bette all day for me. Got dayum I love a sexy chocolate woman.

  • Jigwig21

    My boo Bri Bri Killin It (Future voice)