Amber Rose Out & About In Hollywood

· February 5, 2013

Amber Rose is close to her due date and she’s posting as many photos as she can in the meantime. In the most recent picture taken on Monday (Jan. 5th) in Hollywood.

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  1. presto 2.5 says:

    the site is slow as shyt @Hahz…

    “C’mon mannn!”…lol

  2. wild wild says:

    Slow the isn’t’s affected. and I can’t get on from my laptop … what’s the deal Hahz? Ni88az can’t have a site but Necole Bitchie no problem. Huh..LOL.. damn man keeping me from my Black Beauties..LOL.. get this isfixed

  3. wild wild says:

    *ish… get this ish fixed … u hahz. Killing. Me lol

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